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    How to Convert Schematic into PCB Design in Protel?

    There are simple manual how to create Protel Project: 1. Create New Pcb Project 2. Add to project Schematic Document 3. Add to project Pcb Document 4. Draw you schematic 5. Go to pull down menu Design and select Update Pcb Document. 6. Now Netlist automaticly imported in Pcb Documet Remember...
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    Xeltek adapter schematics

    Hi can you help me, i need any kind of adapter schematics, pinouts, wiring for xeltek programmer adapters.
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    There is: Vdd=+5V Vss=GND
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    dc/dc converter 3.6v/5v 800-1000 mA needed

    Use MC34063 like step up convertor, it works from 3 to 40v Vin and up to 1.5A
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    [SOLVED] 100% Repair Of Laptop & Desktop Motherboard

    Latitude E4300 Touchpad Problem Hi got one Dell Latitude E4300 with touchpad not working. On keyboard connector pin 6 was shorten and burn out all pad. On open circuit there is 5V, but with keyboard connected drops down to 1.5v. I think this pin is power supply for backlight for kbd and for...
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    frequency meter pic led display

    lm311 oscil Project with lcd from 3310 is very cool, but can you help me with more info about compiling c-sources or better allready compiled hex file.
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    How to construct a battery tester for mobile phones?

    Re: Battery tester There is one project from russian forum. It is Lion battery tester
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    circuit inside nokia battery

    In this case IC is for short circuit protection
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    Looking for PicProg PCB

    Re: i need PicProg PCB I also need a good schematic or pcb, maybe a photo of pcb is good too.
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    Looking for PicProg PCB

    Re: i need PicProg PCB There is Schematic + Firmware v3.6 And Software for programmer.
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    Looking for PicProg PCB

    Re: i need PicProg PCB There is newest firmware for PicProg V3
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    How to convert parallel to usb port in usb willem program.?

    usb willem I tried to run willem programmer thru USB to LPT but not worked. Willem requires direct access to LPT for example LPT1: I/O port 0x378, USB emulation don't use I/O Port, only exist Label LPT1.
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    REQ: PIC16F84 A/V/mAh meter for battery charger?

    batery charger pic16f84a Can you tell me did you test this project? I need compiled HEX file?
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    Battery tester(measure the internal resistance of a battery)

    Re: Battery tester(measure the internal resistance of a batt Hi did anyone have compiled HEX for this project?

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