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Recent content by sun2002

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    TSMC RF CMOS 0.18um (How can I add an inductor and a capacitor symbol in ads)

    Hi lamda Can u please provide me TSMC RF CMOS 0.18 or 0.13 design kit for ADS 2011? - - - Updated - - - Hi lamda Can u please provide me TSMC RF CMOS 0.18 or 0.13 design kit for ADS 2011? My Email guxintao2007@126.com
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    Need suggestion on RF system design books

    Hi Dave: I am a UE engineer, now i am looking for this book "RF System Design of Transceivers for Wireless Communications". Can you share it with me? Thx! Sun2002
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    some papers about amplifiers !

    How much Efficiency?
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    distributed amplifier design

    distributed amplifier design tutorial boy: I think i t is not design with packaged transistors
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    [SOLVED] multi-section wilkinson power divider

    multioctave wilkinson power divider how do 4 -8 Ghz
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    a nice document, let have a look ,thank you
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    What are the available antenna design tools for PCB or 868-915 Mhz bands?

    Antenna design tools hfss ,cst ,etc can do it fine.
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    coupling coefficients in filter design

    dishal cavity tuning method i use hfss to sp 3d model and get a group of S sp then insert this group to designer and design the wg filter.
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    Doppler effect using Matlab

    I want to simulate a dpd with matlab. Do someone have an idea about the code? thx in advance.
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    Question on spread to the ground in RF electric circuit

    In the radio frequency electric circuit, whether spread of be the ground much beneficial?
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    HFSS v9.0 Applied to Parametric Circuit-Level Models

    Hi,thx very much.I need it . best regards sun2002. no thanks+useless messages! warning #2 ... eirp
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    TSMC CL018/CR018 (CM018) Process

    binmodel thanks a lot! sun2002 No useless posts in the Elektroda. Warning! -- makswell

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