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Recent content by Sumer19

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    Field study of DRA in HFSS

    Hello I have designed a DRA (Dielectric Resonator Antenna) in HFSS . I want to analyse its field distribution and current distribution. Can anyone help me in analysing field configuration of DRA in HFSS? How can we know DRA works as electric dipole or magnetic dipole or CP by looking at field...
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    Accessing input output of CST using MATLAB and optimization implementation in MATLAB

    Can anybody gave me hints or help regarding.... 1. Implementation of any optimization algorithm (GA, PSO, BFO etc) to select best input parameters of a MIMO antenna ( made in CST MWS) using MATLAB or python. 2. If 1 is not possible then only extraction of results and inputs of design made in CST...
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    Current distribution problem in HFSS

    Increasing means increasing current magnitude at edges (red level) , more radiation, hence more gain. My simulation is properly converged on designed resonant freq. good impedance matching but poor gain.
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    Current distribution problem in HFSS

    what does mean by insufficiently meshed. what is sufficient mesh size , i took 20. my question still unanswered that "How can current distribution plot Mag_JSurf in HFSS can be increased". Can we increase input in HFSS? Is the only way to increase gain is array of antenna. (for constant- freq...
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    Design a Wilkinson power divider as feed network for a patch rectangular array.

    In HFSS draw a small rectangle between two points where resistance to be added and assign boundary as lumped element and write the value of resistance in that say 100ohm.
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    Current distribution problem in HFSS

    How can current distribution plot Mag_JSurf in HFSS can be increased for microstrip antenna? Mine distribution is almost blue shows low current level everywhere. At edges , should it be red showing more radiation? should it be red also in input port also. any comment.....
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    which lambda is used while using quarterwave transformer on microstrrip line

    To design a simple microstrip patch antenna. Leff , deltaL , Eeffective is given by Balanis For 5.2 GHz frequency, er=4.4 h=1.6mm λ0=300/5.2 mm=57.69mm λnew=λ0/sqrt(Eeff)=29.28mm So for drawing quarterwave line which lambda is to used?λ0 OR λnew? In HFSS for airbox at quarterwave distance...
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    Laptop configuration to run advanced simulation on HFSS14.0

    I have dell i3 3GB RAM integrated graphics (no separate GPU). When i do parametric analysis, optimization of my design (which is big and complex) then my laptop hangs or give results after several attempts and delay. Now hanging and delay is becoming normal which irritates and slow down my work...
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    File conversion/transfer from ADS to HFSS and vice versa.

    1 I want to convert/transfer my HFSS project in ADS, is it possible? if yes then how? 2 When describing lumped elements in HFSS, will direction of arrow in boundary assignment changes result? I have defined a capacitor, resistor, inductor and diode will there boundary condition arrow should be...
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    What may be possible cause of simulation failure in HFSS?

    it runs when i decrease number of passes in setup to 5 from 20. decreasing no. of passes yield inaccuracy in results, is it so?
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    What may be possible cause of simulation failure in HFSS?

    I have made a 4 element array and trying to simulate. As my design is perfectly validated. I have provided air box for radiation also (not shown in image). But when i simulate (analyze) my design in HFSS then it just kept on simulating ( i have tried for large step size also 4-6 GHz with 0.1...
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    wilkinson divider circle length in HFSS

    sir how to remove a small portion in HFSS and what is measurement of this small portion. Will circumference of your ring be half lambda. Resistor will be as lumped element in HFSS.
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    wilkinson divider circle length in HFSS

    Hello everybody I am designing a wilkinson divider in HFSS. In HFSS how can we make /edit incomplete circle of width 70.7ohm (say 1.846mm for 5.2 GHZ) and incomplete circumference of half lambda (λ/2) for inner and outer circumference. Can it be drawn by using equation by curve. Please help if...
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    implement Lumped RLC series or parallel elements in HFSS

    PlanarMetamaterials Sir Does this mean RLC are always parallel by RLC boundary conditions in HFSS? To implement PIN diode, should we implement two cases , one for forward bias and one for reverse bias. So what dimension of face should be taken, I mean some mathematical relation is there. Kindly...
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    hfss antenna design error

    try your solution setup with less no. of passes (10) and max delta (0.02). and sweep-interploating type -Linearstep

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