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Recent content by Sudhir.K.A

  1. Sudhir.K.A

    How to change phase margin or introduce a pole?

    Stability analysis Hi, I guess even adding/moving a dominant pole at much lower frequency will increase phase margin. If you are not constrained by the bandwidth requirement just identify the dominant pole location and move it to much lower frequency. This increase your phase margin at the...
  2. Sudhir.K.A

    Questions about the function and characteristics of RHP pole

    circuit configuration rhp pole Hi , I agrre with Sadegh. When there is an RHP pole, this means an exponentially increasing term as your as co efficient if you apply laplace transform. . Hence the system output is not bounded. regards
  3. Sudhir.K.A

    Questions about the function and characteristics of RHP pole

    poles rhp lhp The LDO will be unstable. Give small voltage step some where in the loop and simulate. The output will ring. The system will be unstable even if the RHP pole is outside the UGB of the loop.
  4. Sudhir.K.A

    Why usually the size of input device are bigger than others?

    Hi all, This is in reference to shaq's question. Bigger devices are less prone to offset due to process variation and mismatch.More over input reffered offset is will be more for input stages than after the gain stage. regards,
  5. Sudhir.K.A

    Help design ring detector, off hook & DTMF decoder for p

    who can solve my problem hi ajay, I might have a soft copy of project report.If i get it i will send it to your mail id. Otherwise i will send scanned circuits diagrams to your mail id. regards, Sudhir
  6. Sudhir.K.A

    Help design ring detector, off hook & DTMF decoder for p

    Re: who can solve my problem Hi ajaykumar, Ring detector The ringing signal is 70-90V RMS 20-25Hz. Ring detector basically detects whether the incoming signal ac signal signal magnitude is more than some set threshold level. One circuit idea is to apply the ringing ac signal to a rectifier...
  7. Sudhir.K.A

    Why the higher is the gain the better is the SNR performance?

    noise and gain hi all, i guess differential amplifier provides common mode noise rejection too. which will definitely result in high SNR. regards, Sudhir.K.A
  8. Sudhir.K.A

    Where to start studying card readers?

    Re: card readers Hi saeid5977, Compact FLash is a open standard and good documentation is available on internet. try this out first https://www.compactflash.org/ though USB interface can be a different issue. regards, sudhir
  9. Sudhir.K.A

    Humidity amd Temperature Sensors

    temperature+humudity+year 2006+bangalore+india Hi ammamon, Honeywell manufactures many temperature and humidity sensors.There are many sensors types and sub types available for both temperature and humidity measurement.The choice of the sensor can be made by based on the required accuracy ...
  10. Sudhir.K.A

    GSM Modem issue as it sometimes doesn't work

    Re: GSM Modem Issue Hi mos_halas, i had faced similar problem. My observation was sometime it gives lower layer failure error.( i guess CMS +321 instead of OK).This sometimes happens if the signal strength is weak ( at+csq =5,0) or network is busy. I suggest you first make sure about signal...
  11. Sudhir.K.A

    Help me with designing a 220V sine wave generator

    need un urgent help Hi myouss, I am sure it certainly possible to build a sine wave (100KHz - 500KHz)generator using 12V DC. For a less load it is even simpler.I am describe the method for lesser load. Build a 12V 100KHz sine oscillator and connect the output to a step transformer. for...
  12. Sudhir.K.A

    How can I step up voltage

    This formula will definitely work. For this you have connect the LM 741 opamp in noninverting amplifier configuration. Try it out. regards, Sudhir.K.A
  13. Sudhir.K.A

    How can I step up voltage

    Hi senate, Please be more clear regarding the input voltage range, whether you have to drive any load etc. Generally, any opamp based design with gain of 1.2 should be suffice your needs unless you need to drive more load current.Opamp based design with SMD components does not even occupy...
  14. Sudhir.K.A

    Voice recorder using ADC and microcontroller

    voice recorder using adc and microcontroller Hi the_wind, I am posting the block level schematics of what you might be looking forward to build a voice recorder.There will be some specs according to which u can choose appropriate component. I have added DAC and speaker as without play back...
  15. Sudhir.K.A

    help on a communiction project...

    Hi azsh, I went through a site alternativewireless.com and a product direct connect power booster. I personally feel it is quite a challenge to actually design a repeater with specifications like that.:D I understand that it is not entirely new. My suggestion is not to get discouraged that...

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