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Recent content by staraimm

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    SATA intercept / write redirect

    It's not easy to build such kind of the device between SATA controller and SATA device due to the high clock frequency. You can search the "SATA" key word in this forum. I think there is a discussion about it one year ago. I don't whether there is any improvement now.
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    Can I realize a DDR memory using FPGA?

    The performance is not cared by me. That's ok if the FPGA can realize the DDR protocol. If the interface can be realized, I think I can use several methods to save the data, such as FLASH or even through ethernet.
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    Can I realize a DDR memory using FPGA?

    I am not familiar with "DDIO" cells. Can you explain more? Or give me some links. Thanks a lot.
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    Can I realize a DDR memory using FPGA?

    I want to built a "memory" based on FPGA, which can be plugged into the DDR2 slot. The memory has the "DDR2" interface. And I can use other "storage" device on it to save the data(not in the FPGA buffer). However, I know that the memory access speed does not really reach "DDR2". It does not...
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    Can I realize a DDR memory using FPGA?

    dpram ddr hi, I want to create a DDR memory (not memory controller) using FPGA. Can you give me some suggestion?
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    USB drivers devolopement on my embedded unit

    Re: USB drivers devolopement I think you can read the USB specification first and understand the USB concept. And then you can download the sample code of your USB device, such as from Cypress company.
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    Anyone want to get involved in Digital Radio project

    Hi Bob, I am system engineering guy and interested in SDR embedded development. I think I can help in your project. Wait for your PM :)
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    DES algorithm code needed

    des algorithm c The code can be downloaded from: https://www.opencores.org/projects.cgi/web/des/overview
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    ATA target controler - need some good reference

    Re: ATA target controler I think you can find the reference from the following link: https://www.opencores.org/projects.cgi/web/ata/overview Note that only PIO mode is supported by the controller.
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    Embedded systems business oppurtunity in Philippines

    Can you simply describe what's the embedded system?
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    GSM module development board is needed.

    It seems that the development boards provided by the Wavecom do not support the TFT screen. Am I right?
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    GSM module development board is needed.

    Can anybody give some suggestion? Thanks a lot.
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    GSM module development board is needed.

    I want to find a development board with the following features: 1. PowerPC or ARM CPU 2. GSM module 3. TFT display Can anybody give me some suggestion?
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    How do you get your FPGA development board?

    fpga development board,in chiina I am planning to design a mobile platform based on the Xilinx FPGA chip. Now the Virtex5 chip is so powerful: several PPC, network interface, memory controller and so on. For development, usually I bought the boards from the FPGA board providers. However, the...
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    We are all from China

    Re: From China I am from Shanghai of China. I am planning to design a programmable mobile platform based on the FPGA chip. Is there anybody here from China help me to design the board? Thanks a lot.

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