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Recent content by srijan.rio

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    HFSS Master/Slave boundary conditions: Contact maps are ambiguous execution error

    Hi all I am trying to simulate metamaterial lens (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.sna.2010.12.004) I am able to apply the master/slave boundary conditions for the 1D case. However for the 2D case, it is showing a runtime warning as: Matching boundary process might encounter unexpected conditions...
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    [SOLVED] HFSS Metamaterial Lens Simulation validation

    Hey, So I tried the two things. With the 2D structure, I am able to get the left handed transmission peak at 2.8 GHz as described in the paper. (The HFSS model is attached) However, with the 1D structure, I am still not able to get the peak (using different number of unit cells didn't solve...
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    [SOLVED] HFSS Metamaterial Lens Simulation validation

    Hi , I have used 3 cells as in paper, but getting similar transmission response ( i.e. no left handed peak at 3 GHz). Switching to a larger number is supposed to make the lens more effective, hence tried using 4. I might well use a larger number and see if and how it is affecting the response...
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    [SOLVED] HFSS Metamaterial Lens Simulation validation

    Hi everyone, I am trying to validate Shreiber et.al. 's paper on Metamaterial lens simulation for microwave NDE (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.sna.2010.12.004). I have attached the HFSS model I am using for the validation. I am getting the normal transmission after 5.5 GHz, but unable to get the...
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    HFSS Interpolating vs Discrete Sweep (S11 match but not S21)

    Hi everyone, I am doing a simulation of two Vivaldi antennas working from 4-8 GHz separated by a distance of 500mm with PEC cylinder in between (Screenshot attached). I want to obtain the scattering parameters for them. While interpolating sweep is giving close results to discrete sweep for...
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    HFSS CSRR simulation

    Hi everyone. While trying to verify the article on CSRR based sensor , 'Complementary Split-Ring Resonator-Loaded Microfluidic Ethanol Chemical Sensor' by Salim et. al. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5134461/) , I am not getting the correct results. I tried using both lumped...
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    [SOLVED] SMA connector modes (HFSS wave port)

    Pardon me if I am asking a trivial question, but isn't it applicable when I am specifying my boundary box as radiation boundary? I have verified some resonator structures but without specifying the boundary as radiation and results did concur. Can you please tell me whether its correct way of...
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    [SOLVED] SMA connector modes (HFSS wave port)

    okay so you use wave ports itself while simulating, defining only /one mode. Am I correct ? Also can you help me in another regard. While designing resonators, do the box sizing guideline of lamda/4 be followed as the structure is not radiating ?
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    [SOLVED] SMA connector modes (HFSS wave port)

    Hello everyone. If I want to simulate a SMA connected source to a microstrip fed patch, should I use lumped ports or wave ports? I am having this confusion as when I am using wave ports using sizing guidelines provided in the manual, a message is coming where it is showing that the port...
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    HFSS Wave port size in broad side coupled resonator

    Thank you for the help. I had one more doubt regarding modes if you could kindly clarify. As i have gone through literature, the even and odd mode impedences in a broadside coupled stripline structure differ by a large value with the odd mode impedance being significantly smaller usually. Am i...
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    HFSS Wave port size in broad side coupled resonator

    Hello everyone I need to simulate a broad side coupled transmission line structure in hfss. However I can't find any reliable source of wave port size guidlines for broad side coupled lines. Do I need to fix the waveport size by seeing the port fields or is there any other solution.If anyone...
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    [SOLVED] Complementary Split Ring Resonator Design in HFSS

    Alright I found out what my mistake was. The wave port size was small so it didn't allow any propagating modes. I am now getting correct results by increasing the port to appropriate size.
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    [SOLVED] Complementary Split Ring Resonator Design in HFSS

    Hello everyone. I am new in simulating SRR and CSRR based structures in HFSS. While trying to verify the paper "Compact Second-Order Bandstop Filter Based on Dual-Mode Complementary Split-Ring Resonator" by Ebrahimi et. al. , I was not getting proper results in S11 as well S21 values. I have...
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    Planar Resonator with Normal Electric Field Excitation

    Hello everyone. I am looking for planar resonator designs which can have an axial electric field excitation normal to the plane of the resonator. Till now I could only get Complementary Split Ring Resonators (CSSR) as the viable option. Are there any other types of planar resonators which can...
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    [SOLVED] ADS rectifier circuit efficiency and impedance matching

    Thank you very much @albbg for your guidance. Following your instructions, I was able to get a good efficiency in my circuit. Apologies for my late response. Actually I don't have a specific load requirement for my circuit hence used 50 ohms for simulation purpose. One other question if you...

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