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Recent content by sreedhartvs

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    GF(2) matrix inversion

    gf(2) matrix inversion Hi everyone, can anyone help me in inverting a GF(2) matrix using either MATLAB or C... Thanx in advance
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    Where can I find OFDM simulations ?

    OFDM Hi everyone , I am facing trouble in the simulation of OFDM. Can anyone plz send me a OFDM code for modulating and demodulating a block of 64 bits...Thanx in advance..
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    Help needed in COMMSIM

    Hi everyone, Can anyone help me in modelling a communication system involving Convolutional encoder and decoder on AWGN channel in COMMSIM ? Thanx in advance..
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    Has anyone used RAPTOR codes or LT codes?

    Hi Has anyone used RAPTOR codes or LT codes ?? plz reply me
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    Raptor and LT codes in Wi-Max

    Hi everyone......... plz tell me whether RAPTOR or LT codes can be used as channel coding techniques in Wi-MAX.. thanx
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    project using nRF24E1 transceiver

    hi i need the details of any project done using nRF24E1 transceiver plz help me.. thanx in advance
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    project using nRF24E1 transceiver

    hi everyone plz reply me if anyone has done a project using nRF24E1 transceiver.. i need the details of the project..
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    Help me with IE3D project on slot antennas

    help me for IE3D project thanq so much
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    Simulate my layout of patch antennas in IE3D and send me the graphs

    hi everyone i am unable to simulate my layouts of patch antennas (drawn using Zealand v 12..)because the license registered to our college got elapsed.. so plz simulate my layouts and send me the graphs.. i need the graphs for S11 v/s freq.(0.9 - 1.6 GHz) for the 2 slot and 4 slot antennas with...
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    glomosim +pdf Hi i m implementing the routing protocols AODV,DSR,DSDV in adhoc networks using GLOMOSIM plz help me in my project.. plz see my paper at http://rapidshare.com/files/24445275/glomo.pdf.html
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    Simulation of Routing protocols in Glomosim

    hi boss i need to simulate the routing protocols using GLOMOSIM plz help me if u know about GLOMOSIM Anyway thanx for ur reply...
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    doubt related to ie3d

    hi i m doing a project related to reconfigurable antennas.... can i simulate the layout in my paper (attachment) using ie3d.. plz reply
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    Simulation of Routing protocols in Glomosim

    hi plz anyone help me in implementing the following paper related to Routing protocols in adhoc networks.. [/b]Or plz send me any papers related to Routing protocols in adhoc networks.. implemented using Glomosim..[/b]
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    Looking for books about DSP with FPGA

    Can anyone post the following books.. S. K. Mitra, Digital Signal processing, McGrawHill, 1998 J. H. Reed, Software Radio, Pearson, 2002. U. Meyer – Baese , Digital Signal Processing with FPGAs, Springer, 2001 thanq

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