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Recent content by soheyl

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    IBIS-AMI files for Xilinx Kintex7

    On Xilinx website just IBIS files exists and these are not for GTXs.
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    IBIS-AMI files for Xilinx Kintex7

    I want to simulate GTX buses of Xilinx Kintex7 in Cadance Allegro PCB SI tools; but I need IBIS-AMi files for it. Do you know from where I can find them for Kintex7 devices and is there any difference between using IBIS-AMI files and IBIS files in Allegro? Thanks
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    Importing TI component to Allegro

    I've found it: Project Manager --> Setup --> Tools --> PCB Editor-Setup ---> Libraries-->PAD Path and PSM path
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    Importing TI component to Allegro

    Thanks but I don't have these page. In Allegro Project Manager --> Setup, I have for tabs: Global, Part Table, Tools, Expansion and Views. I don't have user preference! The version of my Allegro is 16.5. I think yours is Cadence Capture not Cadence Allegro
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    Importing TI component to Allegro

    Hi I want to add some TI components to the library of my project in Allegro but I don't know how. First by means of "Ultra Librarian software" which is provided by TI for schematic symbols and PCB layout footprints, I generate *.brd and *. dra files: https://webench.ti.com/cad/ but I don't...
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    Adding new FPGA to Allegro FPGA System Planner

    Hi I have Cadence Allegro v16.5 and I want to use Xilinx Kintex7 XC7K70T-FBG484 which is not available in Allegro FPGA System Planner! Is there anyway to add this component? thanks
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    Classification of FPGA pins in Cadence Allegro

    Hi! I want to design a Xilinx kintex7 FPGA board by Cadence Allegro. For that I have imported all of the pins of the FPGA as a package in Part Developer section of the software and made a footprint in Layout. Now the problem is that when I want to add this component to the schematic in Design...
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    Question:High speed dsp (about 350MHz) on virtex5

    can you give me more information about "polyphase filtering" and its implementation on fpga? Thanks Added after 1 hours 25 minutes: Can i implement iir filter with polyphase filtering?
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    Question:High speed dsp (about 350MHz) on virtex5

    yes. I can do this with dcm. But main questation is: Can this fpga operate in this frequency? There will be some problem in routing. How can I do this with system generator?
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    Question:High speed dsp (about 350MHz) on virtex5

    Hello I want to implement a high speed(about 350MHz) dsp (iir filters, fir filters and ect.) system on virtex5; My system clock is about 80MHz. Input data rate is 350MHz(10 to 14 bits). How can i do this? thanks
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    ISE 9.2 with xilinx virtex-4

    You can download library(bsdl) files for virtex4 from follow link: https://www.xilinx.com/support/download/index.htm then,extract this file on this folder : "ISE\virtex4\data"
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    req:algorithm for calculation of 10^x & abs(complex) &am

    Re: req:algorithm for calculation of 10^x & abs(complex) Can you give me any link for these books? Thanks
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    req:algorithm for calculation of 10^x & abs(complex) &am

    Hi I want simple algorithms for calculation of "10^x & abs(complex) & angle". I want to implement these functions with simple operations such as sum, mul, compare and so on. can you please introduce any book? Thanks
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    satellite optic system

    Hi where can i find any information about satellite optic system such as: lens, ccd detector, filter and all calculation? Thanks
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    Looking for information about Line Scan Camera

    Re: Line Scan Camera thanks but there isn't any information about "line scan camera" in these book. can anybody give any other informtion?

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