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    Looking for Langen,Huijsing book on CMOS and BiCMOS

    could not find this book Hello I tried to search in the download book section and was not able to find the book: Langen, Huijsing; Compact low-voltage and high-speed CMOS, BiCMOS and bipolar operational amplifiers; Kluwer;ISBN 0-7923-8623-X Does anyone have the book? Thanks
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    Need High Voltage IC Book

    High Voltage Devices and Circuits in Standard CMOS Technologies .... by Hussein Ballan,Michel Declercq, Kluwer Academic Publishers https://www.amazon.co.uk/Voltage-Devices-Circuits-Standard-Technologies/dp/079238234X Thanks
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    VLSI job near Frankfurt,Germany

    Try Newlogic, it have been acquired by Wipro and they are looking for Analog/RF, Mixed Signal designer, in France,Germany and Austria
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    Shift from SW to Chip designing

    Vedant according to me is the best followed by CDAC and then DOEACC Calicut.
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    Are OpAmp Designer the highly paid in Analog Design

    Yes also an OpAmp is the first building block of any Analog Circuit. When one shift to a new technology an OpAmp is the first block designed and checked for the effects of scaling. So if one can design an OpAmp he can design other stuff quiet easily.Above all to design OpAmp one needs very good...
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    What is HV CMOS and what is the future in it?

    hv cmos Hello, I would like to know how important is High Voltage CMOS? Especially when all are talking about low power design.
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    Are OpAmp Designer the highly paid in Analog Design

    Hello all, I was wondering who among the Analog Design Group in a company is the highly paid and whoes task is the most toughest n critical? Is it the OpAmp Designer? I hope the Analog professional here would give their opinion....
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    Need Ebook on Broadband Chip ADSL2+/VDSL2

    Hello All, Does anyone have some ebooks, materials on broadband chip design. Please upload if anyone have. I have got the books already on the upload/download section. I need some more than that. Regards
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    VLSI job near Frankfurt,Germany

    Hello try Infineon or Fraunhofer.
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    Shift from SW to Chip designing

    There is one more company in Bangalore which provides training but don't know about there course structure. Check their webpage. All the best- http://www.cranessoftware.com/services/varsity/?tid=200011&qid=200011
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    Shift from SW to Chip designing

    The is also an institute in Chandigarh and Gurgaon called VEDANT, run by SCL. They have very good placement and the course is very good. **broken link removed**
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    Mealy vs Moore Design

    moore output Please can u suggest some good books with solved examples, also if possible the link to download if they exist in the download section. thanks
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    Shift from SW to Chip designing

    CDAC Pune is good for VLSI and for Embedded Pune Thiruvananthapuram and Bangalore. And if u r ready to do a Masters then consider IIIT Bangalore/Hyderabad
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    Shift from SW to Chip designing

    Hello, If u really want to do a training then go for CDAC VLSI PG Diploma instead of sandeepani which is far better and the course is very good as compared to Sandeepani. Or I think u r in Bangalore, then may be IIIT may be a better choice if they have any part time course, I am not aware.
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    Which subject is best ?

    Well friends for students in India it does not matter which branch u choose..as at last all engineering students ( irrespective of Computer Engg, Electronics Engg, IT,Instrumentation,ECE,Chemical or Mechanical or even Civil ) join any of the IT companies and never do the work they studied...

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