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Recent content by snaider

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    What's the language used for programming FPGAs?

    Re: fpga? You can program your FPGA in C, just use the correct compiler (Impulse C is one). But in fact Verilog is C inspired.
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    VB programing ....multimedia

    can you give more information?
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    Eagle_2_Protel pcb file converter

    converting to a .pcb file This protel file are the same of the Altium designer program
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    Recommend me a camera to interface with FPGA using VHDL

    Re: Fpga and camera I do understand the philosophy of FPGA but I guess you misunderstand my question. I am looking for a camera module to work with a FPGA board((Specifically designed), like the one posted.
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    Need an FPGA board for realizing (S)ATA over Ethernet

    Re: Need a FPGA board. This board maybe useful https://www.hitechglobal.com/Boards/PCIExpressLX330T.htm
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    Linking of two FPGA .

    Independent of the number of FPGA you want to connect, you can do it with a serial or parallel communication protocol, such as USB , common serial, I2C and so on
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    Recommend me a camera to interface with FPGA using VHDL

    Can anyone reccommend a camare module to interface with a FPGA with VHDL, or upload a project of this.
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    FIR Filter, Where to start?

    Proakis Manolakis book about DSP is the place to begin.
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    Sperm digital image processing

    I doing some work with the analysis of the morphology of a human spermatozoon (sperm, they have a oval shape head), I just goint to take a image from a microscope a do it a digital image processing. Can any one advice me what is the better way to do segmatation and the morphological...
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    Meyer probability 3.37 problem question

    The result according to the book is : P(n)=[w/(w+b)]+[b/[(w+b)*(w+b+1)**n-1]] ** exponent In the result you give, you did not realize that you put a extra ball in each basket, so the total balls are w+b+1, and also that this is conditional probability.
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    Meyer probability 3.37 problem question

    meyer probability Any one has solved the 3.37 problem of the meyer probability and application, it says like this : 3.37 you have n baskets, each one has w white balls and b black balls, if you take out a ball in the firts basket and put in the second basket, and take out a ball of the...
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    How can I program a pic with the picstart plus with just the Hex file of the program(I do not have the code of the program).
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    Easy USB CDC solution with PIC 18F2550

    pic usb Do you have the pic code. If I plug the pic it will be a new COM port, so I can use visual basic to work with it. do I need a driver?
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    How to get data send from PIC to PC's USB port using Visual Basic 6?

    pic usb send data There is a link for a demo
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    easy USB solution with 16C745 and built-in HID driver

    pic hid delphi code The only problem with this example is that the PIC is OTP (only time programmable), so it mean if you try this example, you have to buy another PIC for your design. Please post one example with 18F4550 or other Flash PIC.

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