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Recent content by smritigarg127

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    Coplanar GSG probe pitch

    Hello, Can anybody tell me what does the probe pitch means for a GSG probe. Suppose, for 300um GSG probe, how to decide maximum permissible conductor width and Gap. thanx in advance.
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    How to set solution frequency of dual band antenna?

    my two freq r centred around 12 and 16 GHz ...wht should b the solution freq. and what type of sweep and range of sweep?
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    Conductor backed CPW feed lines

    Hello leaps I am attaching you the file...that was missed that time..... i want to design a 50 ohm CPW line with right mode propagating...can u help in this regard..? I will b thnkful 4 ur help...
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    Finding dimensions of a broadband microstrip patch antenna

    you can get form net or go to your college library,, and u can get any book on microstrip antenna design....
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    Finding dimensions of a broadband microstrip patch antenna

    Hi, Use this link to get the dimensions of patch antenna: https://www.emtalk.com/mpacalc.php For broad bandwidth you have to do some modifications in the str. like some slot or cut.....You go through book of ramesh garg for this or u can take help of papers also.
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    Conductor backed CPW feed lines

    Although, its too old thread, but still I have some problem in my design using HFSS so kindly help in this regard. I am sending the HFSS file that I made. I s my str. dimensions and waveport size is OK? Thanx if somebody comes up with the help.
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    Finite ground CPW waveport

    Hello , I want to simulate a W band 50 ohms finite ground conductor backed CPW line. I am using HFSS . I am not getting proper result. My problem is on changing the waveport size , the impedance of the CPW also changes for the fixed dimensions , so how can I exactly get the CPW dimensions...
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    HFSS: mm-Wave Finite Ground Coplanar Waveguide

    Hello tallface65, I saw your post in edaboard regarding finite ground CPW . I have also the same problem . I am using HFSS . I am not getting proper result. I want to simulate a W band 50 ohms CPW line. My problem is on changing the waveport size , the impedance of the CPW also changes for...
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    [reflectarray antenna]---> cross polarization simulation using HFSS or CST

    Hello, Can u tell me the steps how to find the co and cross polarisation plots for the patch antenna using HFSS and CST. Thanx in advance.
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    designing a suspended-microstrip patch antenna in Ansoft

    Re: Ansoft designer Hello Ivan_ I am having some problem in designing suspended microstrip feed patch antenna. Can u please send me some example simulation file to learn how to do that. PLz .....
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    CST plasmonic structure

    I am simulating a plasmonic nanostrip str. using freq. domain solver and getting this error message---"at least one propagating mode is not considered at port 1" If i am concentrating only on field distribution, can I rely on the result neglecting the error occured. Or anybody can suggest me...
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    HFSS system requirement

    Yah I know.. But I want to know exactly what is required? Some configuration if anybody can suggest?
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    HFSS system requirement

    What is the highest requirement in the system in terms of RAM size, hard disk required and other features etc. to run the simulations of HFSS, even for the lenthy simulations at optical frequency. If anybody knows then do suggest me. Actually I want to buy a new PC /Workstation, so want to get...
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    How to get the phase of electric field at one certain point in HFSS?

    Re: need help in HFSS Hi, Although, it is a much old thread but still ...can u elaborate how the field calculator can be used to find e- field at any particular point in a waveguide. Thanx in advance...
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    [SOLVED] Adaptive solution setup, process hf3d error: Matrix solver exception: out of memory..

    Hi, firstly, thanx 4 reply....yes its much high freq. its optical freq......so far i hav sortd out th problem.....by putting freq. dependent value of dielectric constant and conductivity instead of loss tangent...hopes that HFSS has the features to get my final results.....Can u suggest whether...

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