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    Clk setting in msp430f5529

    I search there but i m not getting my solution so please help me out
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    Clk setting in msp430f5529

    hello, i m working on msp430f5529 processor just i m getting problem in setting clock . here is my clock setting. but my problem is whenever i do some changes my timer in working. UCSCTL3|= SELREF_2; // Set DCO FLL reference = REFO UCSCTL4 |= SELA_2...
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    [Moved] 3 phase electrical calculation

    hello everyone, just now i am doing survey on 3 phase connection so i am not getting that how to calculate energy and current in both 3 phase 4 wire and 3 phase 3 wire with 'Y' short in connection. please can anybody help me with giving suggestion regarding formula to...
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    how to debug program in simulation of msp430 without using launchpad

    hello, I am new in msp430 . For msp430f5515 i had made one program, but my problem is i am not having msp430f5515 . So, can i debug program in simulation only? can any body guide me in this? Thank You in advance

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