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    The CCNA Certification & prospects of work after getting

    Re: CCNA https://news.gndweb.com Cisco books , tutorials..
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    Custom Board Vs Developer Boards

    My 8051 Dev Board.. (AT89C51RC2) (Serial or Usb programmer) MY PIC Dev Board ( Pic ALL) ( Serial or Usb in circuit programmer)
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    PIC Dev. Board .. view required

    It is a set manifactured in TURKEY, The Owner of the product is TEKO ELEKTRONIK, www.tekoelektronik.com.tr this set is being used in universities for education. name of the set is MC-04 https://www.tekoelektronik.com.tr/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=26&Itemid=33
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    PIC Dev. Board .. view required

    Nice board..
  5. sinanweb

    PCB and programmer software for 80c51

    80c51 to programer @silvio thanks cool circuit.. Circuit : Silvio's ISP.jpg
  6. sinanweb

    Cisco Configurations documents

    Re: Configurations Good conf
  7. sinanweb

    Cisco Configurations documents

    Configurations A few Cisco Configurations
  8. sinanweb

    IOS Basic education videos

    Re: Network Videos Cisco Vlan Tutorials ( Macromedia Flash )
  9. sinanweb

    IOS Basic education videos

    Network Videos IOS Basic education videos
  10. sinanweb

    visual basic (MSComm)

    VisualBasic - Rs232 Comm Sample "Video Tutorials" -- Language = Japan :cry: and
  11. sinanweb

    Info about Cisco Certificate exam

    netsim course fees Hi all.. Nice certication resources sites : https://news.gndweb.com
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    Spinfire Pro and AutoVue SolidModel Pro: 2D and 3D Viewers

    Spinfire Pro - Cad Viewer download https://software.actify.com/SFProfessional/732/SFProEngInst.exe ----------------- AutoVue SolidModel Pro download
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    Program for converting the gerber files to PowerPCB files?

    Re: gerber to pcb Easy PC Gerber import https://www.megauk.com/pcb_design_software.php
  14. sinanweb

    Program for converting the gerber files to PowerPCB files?

    Re: gerber to pcb ISOpro www.t-tech.com/products/software/isopro Gerber to dxf & dxf to Gerber editting
  15. sinanweb

    Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a Graph LCD

    Re: Graph LCD https://www.matrixorbital.com/pages/manuals.asp

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