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    Orcad PCB Editor. Problem creating Artwork

    Hi there, I'm not an PCB layout expert. This is my third time using Orcad PCB Editor 15.5. Previous occasions things were setup for me, such as the layers, sheet size, etc. With that said, I'm having problems generating Artwork for my 1 layer board. The top etch layer is not coming out...
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    Multiple antenna beams

    antenna beams Since I'm around, the quick anwer with ref is yes, Definitely yes! Just google something like 'two beam antenna array' and you find info.
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    Links to two EMI Solutions producers

    Easy EMI solutions h**p://www.tkk-nets.jp/products/debjiha/denjiha/index.html h**p://www.nec-tokin.com/english/product/busteraid/features.html :D
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    'CMOS IC LAYOUT' by Dan Clein ' please help with this.

    There is also a CD with the book, but it's not much value. It contains colour layout figures from the book. Dan actually works near where I live. Cool guy.
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    Puzzle: Distinguising equivalent circuits inside black boxes

    Re: Puzzle: Distinguising equivalent circuits inside black b wow cool! steer: did you actually get that yourself or have you encounter this question/answer before? Sparrow Added after 9 minutes: IanP: >That is correct. >What will happen if you connect, say, 0.5Ω resistor and...
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    Puzzle: Distinguising equivalent circuits inside black boxes

    Re: Puzzle: Distinguising equivalent circuits inside black b Sorry I made a mistake IanP, In box2: The ideal constant current source outputs 1 amp (not 1V), so if you short the terminals outside the box, 1 amp will flow through that short circuit. However if you did this to the first...
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    Puzzle: Distinguising equivalent circuits inside black boxes

    Can someone tell if it is possible to distinguising the following two black boxes: Box 1 - From the interfacing box's terminnal a 1V ideal voltage source with a 1Ohm Resistor in series is connected. Box 2 - From the interfacing box's terminal a 1V ideal current souce with a parallel...
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    Critical requirement for op-amp layout

    op amp layout I am not clear on your question. Have you referred to 'CMOS IC LAYOUT' by Dan Clein ?
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    Problem with QAM data spreading due to LPF

    QAM Spreading due to LPF Hi I am modulating OFDM symbols, sending it out to filters, performing low pass filtering with proper BW specs. , then sampling and demodulating the signal by taking the FFT the plotting the QAM symbols on the constellation. --no channels are involved. If you...
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    What is the SNR in this ADC ?

    Re: Finding SNR tohji: sometimes you want to clip your signal if you have a very high peak-to-average power ratio. This way you tradeoff clipping for better usage of the ADC range for most part of your signal. flatulent: thnx for the troubles. the paper has what i'm...
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    What is the SNR in this ADC ?

    Re: Finding SNR yes i know thnx.....but i need a mathematical derivation plz.
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    What is the SNR in this ADC ?

    Finding SNR Hello, This equation is for an ADC: SNR = 6.02n + 1.76 dB , where n is the number of bits However, this equation has a few assumptions and is invalid if your input clips and saturates the ADC. Assuming my input signal does clip and has a guassian distribution, what is the...
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    TI - 6711 pinout (where to find CLKS ?)

    TI - 6711 pinout Hello, On the DSK6711 from 'TI' i am confused about where to find CLKS on the external J2 connector. Where is this pin? Does it share a pinout with one of the serial ports? Sparrow
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    3.3V driving 5V digital. how??

    thnx for the responses, it was nice to share ideas on this. the cpld is a -Al ter a- Flex10K. -- one signal does not reach 3Vpp to the scope, that is why I wanted to level shift before feeding. I shall try to use a buffer to compensate from TI. sparrow
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    3.3V driving 5V digital. how??

    What device do I need to help interface 3.3V digital output to 5V input on CPLD??? I just have 3 signals to interface, with max freq of operation at 75MHz. I would like to be able to buy the component from Digi Key. Sparrow

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