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Recent content by shovon

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    Need Data Sheet for D8255AC-2

    d8255ac-2 hi i need datasheet for D8255AC-2. thanks
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    how do i take data from mouse for 8051 based mcu

    hi can any body tell me how do i get data for 8051 mcu. (how do i read x,y position and directiob by a microcontroller) :cry: thanx...........
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    how to make Double layer PCB

    pcb double layer hi FoxyRick Thanks for replay. can u tell me how did they do(double layer pcb with through hole connection) in industry...... speacially Etch methode ......................
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    how to make Double layer PCB

    double layer pcb hi :cry: any body can tell me the steps how to creat double layer pcb

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