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Recent content by shendu

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    Is a newly buyed at89c5131 chip has bootloader within

    person who has used it, can you give me an answer? I buy a at89c5131 from ebay, when the board is prepared, the bootloader can not work, it can not enter isp. The one who has successfully made it work, can you give me an answer? Thanks a million!
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    AT89c5131 can not be detected by xp

    the question is when i plug in the usb bus, flip is set up, but the pop up not occur, xp don't tell me to load the driver
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    AT89c5131 can not be detected by xp

    can anyone help me? the osillator can work, there are signal on ALE pin, I make the pcb by myself, but we i plug the usb bus, the xp system says that it can detect it ,"unknown device" is it the problem of at89c5131 (don't have a bootloader ) or the problem of my schematic. wish a expert to...

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