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Recent content by Sheen354

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    [SOLVED] DC to AC inverter H-Bridge

    Thanks brother. U solve my problem.
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    [SOLVED] DC to AC inverter H-Bridge

    Thanks. It is the same pcb with components value marked. Now i will try it. Can i get its schematic?
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    [SOLVED] DC to AC inverter H-Bridge

    Friend, thank you Actually i m having a 1000watt inverter, which is burnt almost unrepairablely. And also have no diagram for exect component values. I repair its converter pats but unable to recognise compunents in the inverter portion which are completely destroyed. Other problem is the space...
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    [SOLVED] DC to AC inverter H-Bridge

    Hi everybody. I need H-bridge schematic for 230V 50Hz output from DC 350V, using 555 timer IC and mosfets.

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