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Recent content by sharz

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    oscillator design using transistor BFR360f

    i am trying to simulate oscillator design using transistor BFR360f for these non linear simulations , i am using large signal and small signal s parameters of BFR360f however when i do the simulation using "harmonic balance" simulator, i get an error saying require atleast one non linear...
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    optimization errors in awr microwave office

    hello Osman ceylan well, i m doing it exactly as you mentioned. but still m getting d warnings and also i want to ask, will i get the right results if i select aplac hb simulator for my simulations of nonlinear oscillator ? or does it have to be harmonic balance simulator ? because i get an...
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    optimization errors in awr microwave office

    while optimizing value of capacitor in oscillator circuit, m getting warnings such as MinMax optimization terminated due to maximum no of cycles(OPT_CYCLES) what does this mean? though the optimization process continues, i get a huge no of warnings i.e. 2 warnings per iteration. please help m...
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    awr microwave office

    hello everyone, can anyone please tell me how to do a frequency sweep using EQUATIONS ? I'm trying to plot a graph of a variable, but i want to see this plot at different frequencies. so is there anything like a "for loop" or something which will help? I'm a new user, so pardon me thanks in advance.

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