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    Difference between Baisc and Full CAN

    "In Basic CAN the interrupt will raise for every receive message but in FULL CAN it polls the different receive buffers and it gives interrupt " Is it right? if not please give me correct suggession thanks Seshu.G
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    Polling and Interrupt method of CAN messages

    Thanks for giving me Reply In Basic CAN for every message it give interrupt, but in Full CAN it polls the number of buffers and if any buffer have matching message then it give interrupt........is it right?
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    Polling and Interrupt method of CAN messages

    How CAN performs messages on Polling and Interrupt method. On which Flag it take reference to do polling as well as Interrupt Please give me reply Thanks & Regards Seshu
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    Can Receive Error counter limit.......

    Why the Receive Error counter limit is up to 128.......why it will not increase above 128.......? but Tranmitter Error counter increses up to 255......
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    Thanks Shivaram. Then What is the difference between CANoe and CANape? Thanks & Regards Seshu ---------- Post added at 12:52 ---------- Previous post was at 12:46 ---------- Thanks Shivram Please tell me what is the difference between CANoe and CANape
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    What is the difference between CANalyzer, CANoe,CANape? Please give me reply ASAP Thanks Seshu

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