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Recent content by seinfield

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    Help building 256 shades Monochrome LED Display

    japan pıc rgb 8x8 dot web I do not know if i understand, but are you planning to create 256 gray scales. The human eye only know the diference between 16 and 20 gray scales. So, why 256 ?
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    Why a cellphone should not be kept near a TV?

    Re: Cellphone near a TV With the wireless mouse there is no effect, but with a ps2 mouse , the pointer really moves alone when my cell phone is ringing. I saw some flickering on the monitor sometime ago, but it happened with a different cell phone.
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    Why a cellphone should not be kept near a TV?

    Re: Cellphone near a TV I tested that if put my cell phone near to a mouse when i am receiveing a call, the mouse pointer moves alone. I tried this again with my wireless mouse and there is no effect. Regards
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    switching off mobile phones near petroleum stations

    If someone wathced the mithbusters program about cell phones creating a spark in gas stations, this was false. They probed that a cell phone can´t blow out a gas station. This is only a mith. :D
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    beginner designing robots

    I M A G I N A T I O N ! I N V E N T I O N!
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    l298 dual motor drive

    l298 current limit i had the sam eproblem with the l293D, the ic just burn out when i used more than 5v to drive the motor. The chip has a F in the Label, i think that it was form fairchild, but then i received my samples from TI and they worked ok. i applied more thn 24 volts and they were...
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    How can robot distinguish colors?

    Color sensing Use a camera, with matlab you transform your picture to b/w then set a threshold, if it is > 128 it is black or < 128 it is white. I just made thsi a log time ago. Added after 3 minutes: sorry, if it is a black and withe picture you do not need to set the threshold, it was...
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    Who have DSO Grab software for GBDSO

    gameboy osciloscope if you do not want to spend on that expensive Osciloscopes, and you will not work up to 60 volts and 100KHZ, it is great. I recomend this osciloscope only up to 50khz, with 40khz frecuencies, it sometimes fails. but it worth for the develpment of my ultrasonic robot sensor.
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    Who have DSO Grab software for GBDSO

    game boy dso i received the GBDSO froma friend, it is a great help up to 100khz at 60 volts max, i am using it for a ultrasonic robot sensor, and it is working perfectly. where i can find the DSOGRAB? Thanks
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    £ degrees of freedom robot

    robotics craig Look for the Introductory Robotics from J.L. Selig book. This has a chapter about Kinematics. Or send me a PM.
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    Pull-up resistor value for I2C

    i have been using 4.7K resistors without problem.
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    Problem with running Turbo C++ programs

    preoblem with turbo c++ hi, try this, it works for me, i used Dev C++: #include <iostream.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(){ int a; for (a = 0 ; a <= 20 ; a++) { cout << a; if (a % 3 == 0) cout <<" Es multiplo de 3"; else cout << " No es multiplo de 3"; cout << endl; }...
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    real time clock vs. pic timer1 module

    pic with rtc it can be done with a 16f628 + lcd + rtc + ds32khz Very cheap!!!
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    real time clock vs. pic timer1 module

    pic rtc If you use a real time clock it is going to need an external oscilator, a 32khz cristal. But i recomend to use a Compensated Crystal Oscillator like the DS32kHz from Maxim.
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    Better for PIC:PicBasic Pro,Picbasic Proton Pl or Assembler?

    Re: Better for PIC:PicBasic Pro,Picbasic Proton Pl or Assemb I am not agree with your opinion about Basic for beginners. I use a mix of PBP and assembly to make my proyects. Comparing C and Basic compilers, c compilers has a lot of bugs than basic compilers. And some times if you compare an...

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