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    Need very fundamental info about TSOP17XX IR decoder

    Hi, I have very basic and fundamental question about the TSOP infra red decoder. My question is, what demodulation technique does it use? Is it ON-OFF keying? As I understand a TSOP1738 decoder would demodulate a 38 Khz carrier. But how does it expect the carrier to be modulated? Does...
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    Configuring MCON register for DS5000T

    Hi, I am working with a DS5000T microcontroller. I am able to load intel hex files successfully into it. But when I am running it, nothing is happening. I wrote a program to blink an LED but nothing happens to my LED when I run my program. I suspect the MCON register is not set up properly. It...
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    Build AVR Programmer?

    avr programmer diy I recommend building one for two reasons: 1. Shipping from Europe to India (that is where I am from) is exorbitantly high and in many cases may be higher than the actual cost of the board. I am not too sure how it fares with the rest of the world. 2. Building your own...
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    Build AVR Programmer?

    avr programmer Hi, I too recently faced the same dilemma as you mentioned. I wanted to try out AVR quickly. For the programming SW, I am using PonyProg (www.lancos.com) but did not make the complicated circuit as mentioned in the lancos website. I got a much simpler circuit from a guy from...
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    Problem with stepper motor: is my stepping sequence correct?

    stepper motor sequence Hi, I have a stepper motor which was lying idle until I decided to make some use of it. I just want to first test it by making it turn for a full 360 degrees. It has 5 wires: one is common and 4 are coil inputs. I have hooked it up with my AT89S52 and a ULN 2803 as per...
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    How to use IR detecting photodiodes...

    ir photodiode circuit That's the problem! I do not have any matched TX/RX set. Just an IR LED and a photodiode. I shall do a bit more research on the data stream approach, but in the meantime can you provide some pointers on how to use a plain photodiode to detect IR ? regards, Seemanta
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    How to use IR detecting photodiodes...

    how to use a photodiode Hi, A few days ago, I got my self a an IR led and an IR 'sensor'. The IR led looks just like a normal transparent red LED but it is supposed to radiate IR. The sensor on the other hand looks very peculiar and is completely black in color and covered. I am not so sure...
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    Need help in interfacing a 74HC595 s-in/p-out shift register

    Hi, Has anyone interfaced a 74HC595 with AT89S52 or similar microcontroller? If yes, any pointers would be helpful. regards, Seemanta
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    GUI version of ProloadV5.4 for Linux...

    Hello all, I am now happy to present the GUI version of the ProloadV5.4 software that many of us use to program AT89S52 board from Sunrom Technologies. This has been written using the GTK+ tool kit and will run on Linux. It is now available at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gnuproload...
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    Anyone uses Proload from Sunrom tech for AT89S52 here?

    www.sun rom.com Hi, Then would you like to try out my new gnuProload? I have ported the windows based Proload to linux. A command line version is already ready and right now the GUI version(using GTK+) is also almost done. Do pm me if you are interested and I shall send you the source code...
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    Question regarding DS1820

    I remember once, that I was erroneously referring to some DS1820 variant data sheet and the formula for getting temperature was very different. I thought to myself, "Whoa! Wait a minute, this can't be the data sheet I was looking at earlier." Sure enough, I realized it was not DS18B20, the IC I...
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    Which ROM IC to use for interfacing with AT89S52?

    ic at89s52 Hi, I have never used an AT89S52 with external 64K code memory. Can you please suggest which IC would be the best one? I only need external code memory as the internal RAM would be sufficient for my purpose. The only criteria I am looking for is ease of programming the ROM chip. I...
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    Question regarding DS1820

    Can you please tell me what is the exact specification of your IC? Is it DS18B20, or DS18S20 ? I used a DS18B20 with my AT89S52 and the decimal conversion worked without any problem. I can point you to the code if you want. regards, Seemanta
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    Anyone uses Proload from Sunrom tech for AT89S52 here?

    proload sunrom Can anyone please let me know if they are using the sunrom AT89S52 rapid development board from Sunrom technologies (www.sunrom.com) ? Are you using Proload to program your dev board? Thanks in advance! regards, Seemanta
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    Ideas for final year project with PIC16F877A and LCD

    Re: degree project Fully agree with you. Even in my final year myself and my partner made a traffic controller that would be real time in nature. In the sense that it would change the duration of its signaling lights in accordance with the traffic flow. And as you said, for us also it did not...

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