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Recent content by secondalinea

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    ansoft designer sv help needed

    It lloks like your application is better suited for a low frequency tool. What about to try with Ansoft maxwell. Hope this helps SL
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    import antenna pattern from ascii file

    Re: import antenna pattern Thanks for your reply. Apart from Feko, do you know if the imported pattern can be used as impressed source and if they can be traslated in to huygens source or SWE? Thanks a lot Giancarlo
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    import antenna pattern from ascii file

    import antenna pattern Hi folks, I would liek to konw if you are aware of any simulation tool able to import a pattern of antenna from an ascii file and use it as source in the simulation of a scattering objetc. Thanks a lot SL
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    How to add an interior wave port in HFSS?

    Re: Interior Wave Ports Place a thin box with of perfect conductor with the face coincident with the rectangle to which you want assign the waveport then assign the waveport to the rectangle Hope this helps secondalinea
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    How to creat a solid irregular 3D object in HFSS

    autocad draw 3d object create a closed polyline use the command Cover surface that should convert the polyline to closed surface and the sweep the surface this should produce the solid . SL
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    Software for simulating low frequency wire

    Re: CST-wire simulation! Your frequency is quite low why do not considera low-frequency tool? HFSS could not be suitable for such a simulation. SL
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    comsol cst hfss Hi I used all these software and my opinion is that FEMLAB is a very good tool when you have to solve a highly specialized problem such as a coupled problem CST and Ansoft seems to me a better solution for a general purpose tool SL
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    Does anyone suffer HFSS crashes when using field calculator?

    Re: HFSS field calculator it looks really starnge which version of HFss afre you using? SL
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    [HFSS] Does HFSS use previous results?

    Any time you change a parametr of your simulatioon HFSS will restart the simulation from scratch SL
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    How to set the excitation of this antenna in HFSS 9.2 ?

    it is not necessary to make the coax cable so long to get the border of the external box. you can use a so called cap. 1)attach the port to the bottom surface of the coax 2) draw a thin cylinder made by perfect conductor exactly on the bottom surface of the coaxial with the same external radius...
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    Stacked dielectric materials setup in HFSS

    Hi, HFSs will apply a perfect E bounday condition to all external surfaces of a model To be sure about the real BC applied to a certain model you must verify the BC before to start the simulation. I would bet that the BC in your model are different to what you believe. In any case the surface...
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    How to set the excitation of this antenna in HFSS 9.2 ?

    Hi, you have several possible choise. 1) you could reproduce the feed as it is in phisical reality this means you need to draw the real feed supposing it is a coaxial feed you must draw the coax cable attach the internal pin to one of the triangle...and so on... the port in this case it is a...
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    help !!! increase the bandwith of mirostrip antenna

    There is a very nice book where you could find all you need Broadband Microstrip Antennas Kumar, ray Artech house Hope this helps SL
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    what does this error means?

    Hi, the error you mention could be caused by a wrong defintion of the port. Are you using a wave port that it is not exposed to the background? If so this could be the problem. Secondalinea
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    How to calculate difference mode trace with 100ohm impedance

    Re: How to calculate difference mode trace with 100ohm imped you may use 2d field simulator to calculate the impedance of traces go at www.ansoft.com and download Maxwell software you can draw your cross-section and calculate on your own the LC parametr and the impedance of your configuration

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