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Recent content by scoperd123

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    Looking for a transceiver chip that operates at 1.5 V

    Transceiver 1,5 V Power from such a voltage would be very low, and potentially unstable, perhaps use a voltage doubler to get approx 3v, maybe a better soloution , a lot would depend on the compliance required , etsi, fcc , can be quite stringent with battery devices
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    chipcon cc1070 emissions

    no, it is battery operated, i know that there is emissions around the 350Mhz mark and had to redesign the output filter to meet the 2nd harmonic requirement, even the reference design they recommend has it , and fails the requirements !!
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    chipcon cc1070 emissions

    Have been designing a paging transmitter for use in europe and ave encountered spurious emissions around 220MHz that are higher or borderline for the etsi 300 220 spec. Has anyone else encountered this problem ? is it something integral within the chip , any ideas anyone.

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