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Recent content by saturn

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    Looking for schematic of a PIC16F777 programmer

    PIC16F777 programmer From the domain, I think it's in Italian.
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    Is it possible to create a sound on a PIC ?

    Hi, You mean only 'beep' sound for example? Added after 1 minutes: And perhaps this is what you want: https://centauri.ezy.net.au/~fastvid/picsound.htm Added after 1 minutes: And this one is beep sound: https://www.mikroelektronika.co.yu/english/product/books/PICbook/7_06chapter.htm
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    Check my FET switch design

    FET Design question Hello, The C+ pin will be driven to +5V by GP5 (charging process), and it will be 0V when GP5 driven to low (discharge process). AN1 will always in input mode... Well I see this is what you have told me... so I will guess I need a relay anyway. And I see I'm not quite...
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    Check my FET switch design

    Hi all, I'm doing a design to check the capacitance of a capacitor... And here is a working design that I used some time ago... However now my new project need to check 2 capacitors. I think I can change to a PIC that have 2 comparator. But I want to leave some flexibility as a provision for...
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    Does Simulink require Matlab to run?

    Hello all, Is Simulink a part of Matlab, or is it a sepeated product? I took a look at their product website and really confused about that. If it's a seperated product, does it required Matlab to run? Thanks.
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    What's the function of this circuit?

    Hello, Can anyone please tell what's the function of this circuit? How it works out? Thanks.
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    How Can I send and receive data to USB Port

    You will need an USB controller. Many has suggested what microcontroller to use. However my favourate is Microchip PIC18F2550 family.
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    [SOLVED] I am looking for PIC microcontroller wiht 2 UARTs

    pic with 2 uarts Maybe PIC18F8722? But it's TQFP package!
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    How to download PIC library for Protel?

    Re: pic library for P*otel Will this libraries work without install SP2?
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    Resources about using opamp as comparator

    op amp comparator hysteresis Hello, Check this: **broken link removed** https://www-micrel.deis.unibo.it/~benini/ELEI/Reading/AN-31.pdf
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    Some FET parameters question

    fet idss Thanks! Ian. Still I didn't get much from what you said. For example Idss (as you mentioned when Vgs=0V). In this case, the FET is off, right? Then an ideal FET should have Idss=0?
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    Some FET parameters question

    idss fet Hello, What is the meaning of Idss (Zero-Gate Voltage Drain Current) of a FET. Is it the smaller the value, the better the FET? Also what is Vgs, the smaller the better? Thanks & best regards.
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    Looking for free C/C++ software

    C/C++ Software If I remember correctly, Microsoft has released their VS.net compiler for free. Go to thier web site and serach. Good luck.
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    how to mix assembly and c for avr in IAR compiler

    Have you read your compiler documentation? I believe it should mention about that.
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    dsPIC: Example for dsPICDEM

    After dsPIC has been hit the market for some time, now does anyone know any site that provide example/tutorial using dsPICDEM?

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