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Recent content by sarika

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    Question about three CMOS inverters connected one after the other

    if three cmos inverters are connected one after the other, will the o/p be stabe or oscillating if the o/p of the last cmos is fed back to the i/p of the 1st cmos... wat if 2 cmos n 1 cmos is connected in the same manner...... i think if 1 n 3 cmos is connected o/p is oscillating,and stable if...
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    narrow bandpass filter using single opamp

    single op amp bandpass filter could anyone explain the working of the circuit, given in the link below- https://www.ecircuitcenter.com/Circuits/MFB_bandpass/MFB_bandpass.htm thanks in advance..
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    Information about DTL Logic familiy

    DTL Logic familiy DTL...it has the advantage of greater fan-out n improved noise margin but suffers from slower speed
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    How to improve CMRR in opamp?

    how to improve CMRR in opamp?
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    Why does electrolytic capacitor have polarity?

    why do electrolytic capacitor have polarity? Maximum output voltage of opmap is +13 or -13V ...Whatz the reason behind that?
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    Is mankind's origin related to electronics?

    Is mankind's origin related to eletronics? Human evolution and electronics... All the signals r transmitted by the action of ions (Na+.K+,Cl-) present inside and outside the axon of neuron.... Also in heart contraction we can see such electric action... But i wonder how electronics can justify...

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