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Recent content by sapnak8

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    Dynamic power dissipation calculation of 6T SRAM cell

    Hi All I want to calculate dynamic power dissipation of 6T SRAM cell using HSPICE. Can anyone help on that. Thanks in advance
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    Reliability analysis(NBTI/HCI)

    Hi all I am working on the reliability issue of analog/digital circuits.Does anyone know any AgeMOS model for any technologies. As I have studied that there is no certain MOS model for BTI/HCI effect.I have just learnt that HSPICE provide MOSRA model to include the effect of reliability. Does...
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    Problem with the output in a gilbert cell mixer design

    Hi I am designing a gilbert cell mixer.But its not working properly.In output I am not getting the exact output means I am not getting the down converted frequency and output is no longer amliplified version of input.Gain is decreases.even in the output I am getting the freq of local...
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    Hspice - to find slope

    this .alter comman is not working in this case i have a different frequencies for various control voltages in my .mt0 file n i can extreact those with the help of perl file but i want to find the slope also in my .mt0 file.i want to know that wht changes sholuld be done in my program so that i...
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    Hspice - to find slope

    hello i am making a circuit of VCO. In this i got the frequency for various control voltages with the help of .measure command. for this i did transient analysis now i have a data in .mt0 file i.e. for various control voltages i have a different frequencis.now i want to find the slope of F vs V...

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