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Recent content by sandy.12345

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    Is there any Voltage Regulator like LM 317 which can interface with SPI or I2C?

    Hello, Is there any variable voltage regulator IC similar to LM317 available the output of which can be interface through a digital interface like I2C or SPI. With regards, Sandeep
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    PT 100 resistance measurement

    hello, can any one tell me how to measure pt 100 resistance using atmega32 . i measured resistance by using th circuit https://obrazki.elektroda.pl/7415419300_1356333074.png but it jumps temperature from 27 to 30 ,30 to 33 please help me to make my first project success
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    To drive peltier element

    when connecting the peltier element the voltage drops to zero,i think it is because of the limited current at the output . Any idea to increase the current i used the h bridge circuit for the enough current ?
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    To drive peltier element

    I need to cool and heat with peltier element . i worked with an op amp circuit that makes +4V to -4.7v
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    To drive peltier element

    Hi I am using a peltier element CH-38-1.0-0.8 ,the circut diagram which i used to drive the peltier element is on below link...
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    Output measurement from a CCD

    Hiiii am currently doing a project of a Refractometer in which varying light intensity is measured by a CCD (TCD 1304 ap ) .can anyone tell me how to take output reading .
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    interfacing of CCD to a Microcontroller

    Thanks for your response I generated 6MHz for the master clock to TCD1304 ap
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    interfacing of CCD to a Microcontroller

    Thank you peter I am a beginner in programming can you please tell me how to set clock for two inputs ICG and SH in MHZ - - - Updated - - -
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    interfacing of CCD to a Microcontroller

    my project is refractometer in which I have to take the values on each pixel (total 3648 pixels )from TCD1304ap .Please guide me to take this reading
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    interfacing of CCD to a Microcontroller

    hi I am currently doing a project in which i have to interface a CCD (TCD1304ap) to Micro controller (atmega32).please help me to interface it with ADC in micro controller

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