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Recent content by sandeep.bondada

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    projects using Encounter RTL Compiler n SoC Encounter

    hi I m sandeep planning to do project in semi-custom VLSI Design either in Front-end using Encounter RTL Complier Cadence synthesis tool or in backend using SoC Encounter Cadence Place n Route tool. plz help if anybody have projects on this
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    anybody there to help me.......

    thanx for d reply Added after 8 minutes: yes i have forwarded my resume to that
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    anybody there to help me.......

    yes I know that Wipro have VLSI domain, but I didnt find any means to interact with them I need reference to do that
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    anybody there to help me.......

    hi I m Sandeep Bondada doing M.Tech in VLSI Design. as a part of course I have to do project work for 1yr and I m looking to do it any VLSI based company offering internship. I did FULL-CUSTOM VLSI Design using Cadence tools and undergone an internsive course on Advanced Synthesis...
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    Looking for internship in VLSI design

    looking for enternship hello i m sandeep doing M.Tech in VLSI Design looking for Internship anybody there to help me regarding that. I did full custom vlsi design flow using Cadence tools.rite now i m attending a course on Advance Synthesis techinques(Encouter RTL compiler) n physical...

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