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Recent content by samuelr

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    Why are simple PCBs difficult to lay out in "High-end" PCB layout packages?

    Re: Why are simple PCBs difficult to lay out in "High-end" PCB layout packages? I have had PCB vendors visit the company to demostrate these high-end PCB routing softwares. They keep saying how easy it was to use. I even attended one of the seminars host by supposedly one of the best PCB layout...
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    Why are 1.5mm thick PCB not common?

    Hi I had someone request for a 1.5mm PCB. This is the first that I have even heard of it, but after some searching found that most in Europe seem to be prototyping with 1.5mm thickeess. Its just 0.1mm from the common 1.6mm FR-4 type boards. I am not sure if its just that they ignore the 0.1mm...
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    MOC30xx type isolators for 380Vac application (TRIAC firing)

    Klaus thanks, that is what I was looking to hear, just one small question where I am 100% clean on the term + how it affects my driver. The Output Repetitive Peak offstate voltage, I am unclear what this means and how it affects the IC. Does it mean even when the driver is not switched on the...
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    MOC30xx type isolators for 380Vac application (TRIAC firing)

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there are any MOC30xx or similar optocouplers available for 380Vac application. I am current using MOC3022 which has a output repetitive of only 400V which only allows me to fire my TRIAC at about 48 deg. sin angle. I want to be able to go 90 deg. which would be...
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    CT Design not clean on the signal end

    Hi All, I am trying to build an AC current monitoring device which would allow me to sample AC incoming current using a MURATA 1:100 current transformer. When I use the scope to see the signal I can make out the waveform of the lamp I am using as load but its not clean it has alot of noise...
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    Pulse transformer to drive scr circuit

    Hi I am trying to drive an SCR using a pulse transformer with the following circuit I got an MCU to swtich the MOSFETs are about 1 second interval repeated the total current to the transformer is about 200mA but there is no voltage on the output side. I am using a 1:1 78601/2C pulse...
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    How does a automatic self-test work on AFCI?

    Just wondering how an automatic self-test can perform and work on AFCI units. I can understand the push button test but for the unit to on its own create an arcing simulation or am I missing something here on the self-test part?
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    Ferrite Core d3,4/l3,2 -> What is this?

    Ferrite Core d3,4/l3,2 -> What is this? Hi I am trying to find the matching ferrite core all I have is this part number Ferrite core d3,4/l3,2 I am not able to locate it anywhere - - - Updated - - - OK, I think it should the following. Dia - 3.4 mm Length - 3.2 mm
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    2 x Current transformer what is the reason?

    Hi I recently saw an AFCI with 2 current transformer built into it. One of them had the Live wire going thru it the other smaller than the first had the the Live and Neutral. I am not sure why they have to sample the same current 2 times and what different would placing the L and N into the...
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    [SOLVED] Back EMF from relay resets MCU

    SOLVED. Actually its just I am using a smaller relay to switch on a bigger relay on the smaller relay there is a diode and snubber it works fine by itself. When I use it with the bigger relay it causes the MCU to freeze. I just added a snubber on that relay and the problem was solved...
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    DC/DC Boost converter with 95% eff.? GaN MOSFETs

    Yeah found that its not possible to get >90% eff. with this configuration. I will do 75V and see if I can just put them in series. It seems 75V has some solution with 97% eff. from Texas Instrument
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    DC/DC Boost converter with 95% eff.? GaN MOSFETs

    warpspeed, you are right using MCU is not wise with regards to safety features that a dedicated might be able to handle with a great degree of reliablity. However, I am havnig some difficulty to find a boost that is able to do 150V boost without a flyback configuration do you have any...
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    [SOLVED] Back EMF from relay resets MCU

    Hi I have a problem with back EMF from a relay. But when its not connected to the 220V devices the MCU will not freeze. I have tried using snubber and diode combo to try to cut it down but there is still the problem persist. I am thinking if I were to sample the current from the 220V line and...
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    isolated voltage measure for array of solar panel

    You might want to use an isolated power supply like MURATA Isolated DC/DC for the power supply to the which will make the design simpler.
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    DC/DC Boost converter with 95% eff.? GaN MOSFETs

    As for the diode I am thinking of using SiC (silicon carbide) and the MOSFET GaN. This would prehaps help is increasing the eff. slightly. Yes 150Vdc is higher than most common boost voltages. I was seriously considering doing the control using an MCU do handle the switching I still unsure if...

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