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Recent content by saliniunni

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    DVI-A and DVI-D signals- sent through DVI -I simultaneously?

    DVI Are the DVI-A and DVI-D signals are send by the Graphic controller simultaneously through the DVI-I connector?
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    VESA Monitor Timing Standards

    monitor timing Any one have the VESA Monitor Timing Standards and Guidelines Version 1.0, Revision 0.8?:?:
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    The IR Code Format for NEC R 32-Bit Single Repeat

    Please share idea about The IR Code Format is NEC R 32-Bit Single Repeat?
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    Off Chip Driver Calibration

    What you mean by Off Chip Driver Calibration in DDR2?
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    Noise in PoE Isolation transformer

    But the transformer already has a metal shield...
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    Noise in PoE Isolation transformer

    poe isolation How the PoE power supply Isolation transformer noise can be eliminated?
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    Why does DDR2 need calibration?

    Why DDR2 needs calibration?
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    What are the requirements for DDR2 calibration?

    What is the requirement of DDR2 calibration?

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