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Recent content by sajjadhyd

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    viterbi decoder

    hi.. i want help in veiterbi decoder in verilog can u help me.................
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    convolution of image in verilog

    hello brother .. i want help for convolutional coding in verilog ....can any one help me thanks...
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    converting m file to vhdl

    sorry medra. you said about tmatlab embedded which is in matlab simulink but the problem is that i have to take input run time which is possbible in simulink or not please tell me so we use simulink in real time . thanks in advance
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    converting m file to vhdl

    ok ganesh, but if u will find then u send me at my email address sajjad200544@yahoo.com
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    converting m file to vhdl

    hi, I've written the matlab code for my final year project. can any one tell me that spartan 3E FPGA support this matlab M file. i have not used FPGA before so plz any one help me for using fpga with matlab... thanks in advance
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    how can implement Matlab program on FPGA (by e.g Accel DSP)?

    hello guys, can any one tell me that spartan 3E FPGA support matlab M file code... if any one who use fpga please tell me how we use fpga
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    how WiMAX changes its modulation technique

    Re: wimax+modulation can any one give me a matlab code of different modulation techniques of wimax
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    convolutional coding in wimax

    Re: convolution coding wimax i need a matlab code for convolutional coding and viterbi decoding ...........can any one help me
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    i simulated WiMAX using OPNET modeler 14.5

    hi all...... i need help in designing wimax tranceiver can any one help me......... thanks in advance..
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    Interleaver in MATLAB

    i had not found there if u have please give to me... i need a matlab code of interleaving for wireless applications....or wimax
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    Interleaver in MATLAB

    i need a matlab code for bit interleaving and byte interleaving
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    introduction to WIMAX

    can any one help me in my project which is about wimax and its implemementation on hardware... using microcontrollere
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    ideas to design wimax antenna...

    can any one help me in designing wimax anteena.. thanks in advance
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    how to design hardware of wimax system....

    can u tell me about the wimax mac layer, how mac layer takes data from upper layer and how upper layers functions are performed ?
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    Looking for info about WIMAX Microstrip Antenna standards

    Re: wimax antena mikrostrip i hope u have done ur project. i m also working on wimax deisigning in which i have to design a wimax anteena can u help me in this project ........ thanks in advance .......

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