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  1. saeedbayanlou

    ADS Power Amplifier Application Note

    Sorry, I have attached the App. note in this post. thank you
  2. saeedbayanlou

    ADS Power Amplifier Application Note

    Hi everybody, where can I find ADS simulation files of this Application note? Thanks in Advance Saeed
  3. saeedbayanlou

    ADS 2009 layout multilyer question

    It's an UWB 30 degree phase shifter.
  4. saeedbayanlou

    ADS 2009 layout multilyer question

    Thank you all I have attached the layout drawn by myself, but didnt get the expected results:sad: ANY SUGGESTION? Best regards
  5. saeedbayanlou

    ADS 2009 layout multilyer question

    Hi everybody how to draw the attached structure in the ADS layout? Thanks in advance
  6. saeedbayanlou

    [SOLVED] Automatic Gain Control (AGC) IC

    is there any VGA for my frequency specification? what's the partnumber? many thanks again for reply - - - Updated - - -
  7. saeedbayanlou

    [SOLVED] Automatic Gain Control (AGC) IC

    can anyone help me find Automatic Gain Control(AGC) IC for operation in 1200MHz IF band with at least 400MHz bandwidth. Thanks in advance
  8. saeedbayanlou

    substrate in ADS software

    Do you mean there is no way to define finite substrates?
  9. saeedbayanlou

    Newbie Question.......

    Hello I think this site has suitable materials for future engineers! Electronic Circuits Diagrams-Electronics Projects Designs-Hobby Circuits Also I suggest reading Elektor Magazine. Best Regards
  10. saeedbayanlou

    Which select transistors? I need high dB gain

    very nice discussion i found it helpful

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