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    Need tutorial of I2c module for pic 16f877

    I2C Module You can get some sample source in the following links. www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/i2c.htm www.winpicprog.co.uk/pic_tutorial6.htm www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/using_the_i2c_bus.htm
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    Hi, I feel KEIL compiler should be a good compiler for 8051 micro controllers. It offers a wide support to other micro's as well. An user friendly compiler which can be freely downloadable as well.
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    Microcontroller hangs in a project which uses 89S52 to control synchronous motors

    how to solve hang problems with microcontroler The Problem could be with the current consumption acquired by the motor. Did u use a correct current driver? Check with that.
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    need discription or abstract of any project based on 8051

    8051 Those names are the generic names of 8051 family. Try to purchase Mohammed Ali Mazidi and Janice Gillespie Mazidi and Kenneth J.Ayala. These two books help u a lot. U can independently program if u master those books.
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    asm for microcontrollers Choosing C for programming is a better idea than choosing asm. But, try to know assembly. C is time consuming, easy to program, easy to debug and edit and u can use the same code for different controllers of 8051 family. So, go with C
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    interfacing LM35 to 89c51 microcontroller.

    lm35 mounting Dear friend, connect the output of the LM35 to any ADC(0804,0806 etc.,). Interface the ADC with the microcontroller. U need to connect RD,WR,INTR,CS of ADC0804 to any port of mc. Give necessary control signals to get the digital o/p.
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    Which language is more commonly used for programming 8051?

    8051 Go with C. It is user friendly, u can able to debug easily, correct ur errors easily, u can able to use a same pgm to task by editing a bit. I recommend C as the best language. It saves ur time a lot.
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    Embedded C books for beginners about PIC and Atmel series

    Embedded C books Go for "8051 microcontroller and Embedded Systems with C' by Mohd Ali mazidi and Janice Gillespie Mazidi, u can also refer 8051 book by Ayala. 8052.com is also a nice source to start with.
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    Samples of 89c2051 interfacing with MAX 233/ ADC0804

    89c2051 interfacing You can get both the circuits from the book, "8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems with C" by Mohammed Ali Mazidi.
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    5vdc to 12vdc conversion

    convert -12dc to +5vdc Friends, thanks for ur replies. Actually, my need is to interface 4 inch seven segment displays with the microcontroller.I want to control the segments with transistors.I require an output of 12v from the transistors, which is to be given to the common anode of the...
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    design temperature sensor

    Give the inputs of LM35 to an ADC ar any microcontroller with inbuilt ADC. If u r giving the input to any external adc, give the pulse from IC555 to its clock i/p.
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    5vdc to 12vdc conversion

    5vdc to 12vdc Hi friends, Can anyone send me d design to convert 5v dc to 12v dc doubler circuit with only resistors and capacitors.
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    i need help in interfacing LCD

    Dear friend, Since u r a fresher for Embedded, try to use 8051 microcontrollers instead of PIC. U can refer 8051 architecture and programming by Mohd Ali Mazidi, where u can get all the materials needed for LCD interfacing.
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    Info about the reading and writing operation of I2C in 8051

    i2c coding in 8051 dear friend, This link will clear ur doubt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%C2%B2C
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    design for 4 inch common anode displays

    4 inch common anode seven segment display Dear friends, I have done a project with rotary encoder, seven segment interfaced to a microcontroller AT89xx. The output of the rotary encoder is fed to the mc and the outputs are displayed in the seven segment common anode displays. If I rotate the...

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