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Recent content by rsm9692

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    Russian IC details KAL 1293

    Please provide any details for this IC
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    Details OF Russian IC

    ] I m repairing one unit this card is of that unit. i m not getting any details of these IC what function its does don't know. KA-1 0350105 KA-1 0360014 KA-1 1120033 KA-1 0360015 KA-1 1120030 KA-1 430035
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    Russian IC DATASHEET

    Plaese any one provide me the datasheet of russian IC 1. 1533KП11 2. 564ΛE5B 3. 2ДC628AOC 4. 1533ИД4 5. 1533ИP33 6. 2ДC627 7. KA-1 0350105 8. KA-1 0360014 9. KA-1 1120033 10. KA-1 0360015 11. KA-1 1120030 12. KA-1 430035
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    USB Blaster altera programming error "Unable to scan device chain"

    All IC are NEW.. . . i have 2 usb blaster. that 4 IC are detecting in both USb balster but other 6 are not detecting. I am new to this plaese provide inforamtion how to read program using altera usb blaster, Quartus II software
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    USB Blaster altera programming error "Unable to scan device chain"

    If the device not powered, not properly connected or defective it show for all ICs. i have IC part no EPM7160SLI84-10N quanity 10 out of which 4 are detecting and other 6 are not detceting. why this happens.
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    USB Blaster altera programming error "Unable to scan device chain"

    Hello I m new to this i have brought altera USB Blaster to program altera IC. i have one usb blaster altera and some altera ics part no EPM7160SLI84-10N when i select auto detect in Quartus II some IC detects but for some IC error comes like What is reason for this? please provide detail how...
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    Russian IC DATASHEET

    There are still some IC's i m not getting datasheet in Russian also. please provide any details for these IC's 1 186ЛY1 2 186ИP1 3 186ИP3 4 186ИP2 5 169AA1 6 178πM1 7 178πK1 8 178πИ1 9 178TP1 10 198HT5Б 11 448ГГ2
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    Russian IC DATASHEET

    In above link i m able to find datasheet of Russian ICs Thank You. There any solution to convert these IC data to English because i don't know Russian.
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    Russian IC DATASHEET

    I m looking for datasheets of these Russian IC's but not able to find please kindly help. 1. 133TM2 2. 136TM2 3. 133πA6 4. 133πA4 5. 133πA3

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