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Recent content by rosarioantony

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    Having trouble with the most elementary project

    connection1 -> black wire of the battery -> one terminal(black) of the switch connection2 -> another terminal(red) of the switch -> one terminal of the bulb. connection3 -> another terminal of the bulb -> red wire of the battery. It should look like a ring when connected.
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    Ideas how to handle the ac and dc grounds needed

    make sure there are no noise injected into circuit. there is the possiblitlies of high frequency injection from powerside.check the ground and VCC signal at controller . u can reduce noise by adding pi filters and common mode chock at power supply. add capacitors 0.1uf (and/or 10uf )nearer to...
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    why open loop configuration in not used in op amps ?

    openloopconfiguration for an ideal opamp open loop gain is infinity . comparators dont have feed back.
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    troubleshoot - recieve mailer daemon msg on gmail

    Re: troubleshoot may be u r in his spam filter.
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    [SOLVED] driving load and current drain question

    connect to reset pin of 555 instead of driving it. or u can use the gate output to drive a transistor which can be used as the power source for 555.
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    watchdog timer question?

    Watchdog timer wont reset registers. there is no option in controller to start back from where it reset.you have to implement that somehow in software. PIC use seperate time for watchdog.only the prescalar is shared between watchdog and timer.
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    Need help with displaying temperature values on 7 segment display

    Re: help plz If usng a microcontroller , use an opamp amplifier to scale the measurable temperature range into maximum ADC resolution. If no IC7107 or any led display driver ic will be the good choice.
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    What are the types of USB??

    There are 3 types of USB 1.low speed 2.full speed 3.high speed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB
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    pspice book or tutorial

    dave uta dillon pspice index https://dave.uta.edu/dillon/pspice/index.php
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    need Final year project! info!!!!!!!!!1

    i dont have any readymade projs, but if u have selected the topic and willing to do ur own , i may help u
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    Help need in PIC16F877A ADC values..

    adresh ccs pic c + 10 bits initialise PORTA's appropiate pin as "analog & input" in ADCON1 register and TRISA register. select ADC Pin from which Analog value to read in ADCON0 a small delay set ADGO bit wait untill ADGO bit is cleared by hardware ( means ADC data is ready ) ADC Value =...
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    Recommend a book for total beginner in electronics and circuits

    Re: Give me Advice "Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics" by Stan Gibilisco "Getting Started in Electronics" by Forrest M. Mims "Electronics For Dummies" by by Gordon McComb and Earl Boysen
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    The lecture of Measurement and Virtual Instrumentation

    Re: Virtual Instrument! https://www.mech.uwa.edu.au/jpt/tutorial/ieindex.html https://www.upscale.utoronto.ca/GeneralInterest/LabView.html
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    What to do with the unconnected PIns...........

    unconnected pin should be grounded You can connect to positive supply or ground or left the pin open. take the advice from the datasheet.Unless the manufacturer says "should not left open ... connect a capacitor or res to ground if not used" , you dont need to worry about the unconnected pin...
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    Pentium and Von Neumann

    harvard von neumann new processors intel howard and van neuman architecture differs by the way of treating code and data memory.In howard architecture the code memory area and data memory area are seperate. code memory area is where you store your instructions , and data memory area is where we...

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