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Recent content by rodian

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    Problem with Hspice simulation under Linux

    UPDATE: I tested the .sp file in Ubuntu 64-bit with Hspice A-2008.03-SP1 installed and runs perfectly! So, I guess the problem lies on the Linux version. 64-bit makes the job but 32-bit not.
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    Problem with Hspice simulation under Linux

    Hi all, The last hours I tried to decipher the above brain teaser. In my netlist I have the subcircuit shown below together with other subcircuits: Q1 Vbe1 Vbe1 GND GND npnVS M=8 Q2 Vbe2 Vbe2 GND GND npnVS M=2 Q3 Vbe3 Vbe3 GND GND npnVS M=1 *R1 Vctrl Vbe1 78.0k TC1=-0.000105 *M1 Vctrl Vctrl...
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    Problem with Hspice simulation under Linux

    Hi all, I simulate a clock oscillator with hspice using a priopretary MOSFET model (.option scale=0.12u) . The weird thing is that in Hspice X-2005.09 under Windows 7 there is no problem at all. However, when I try to simulate the exactly same netlist in Hspice A-2008.03-SP1 under Linux I get...

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