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    I am looking for service manuals for the following: HP LJ 8000 HP LJ 8100 Any help is greatly appreciated. robotman
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    NAND Type Flash Memory Interface Standard?

    I have looked at this also. It appears that most of the command sets are the same. I think that they are going to have to be considering several people (sandisk, toshiba, etc) have generated ASIC for ATA to flash support. No vendor wants to get locked into a single source chip. I did find...
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    NTSC/PAL/SECAM video decoder source code

    ntsc pal secam decoder ip casual3_2002, I remember seeing this post. https://www.opencores.com/forums/video/2003/10/00000 There was quite a few other nasty replies that I remember seeing from people that were hoping to use this for products. There seemed to be a bit of a pissing match...
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    AN94082 TEA57XX family selftuned AM/FM receiver

    Yes, that is the one I saw. But here are a few others that you might not have seen. https://www.semiconductors.philips.com/acrobat/applicationnotes/AN96017_1.pdf https://www.semiconductors.philips.com/acrobat/applicationnotes/AN96020_1.pdf Robotman
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    AN94082 TEA57XX family selftuned AM/FM receiver

    I think that you are going to have to put in a request to the factory for this one. I check out all of my CDs (and I have good number of them from SIG/PHILIPS) over many years. This AN did not show up anywhere but the high level design guide under IC01. It appears to be a performance report...
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    What is the best C compiler for AVR?

    Re: Best C compiler for AVR What ramesh is refering to is the version of im@gecraft. The pro version has a post compile optimizer, the standard version does not. If he compiled under the standard version, that might be the size discrepancy. At one point in time, I looked at the...
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    Is there A GNU C for the 51?

    I don't know about a gnu one, but try this one.... it's free and looks to have some history sdcc.sourceforge.net robotman
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    What generic connectors can be used with Rocket I/O?

    Re: Rocket I/O I am currently doing a design right now. The main question is what is the speed of the serdes connection that you are going to use? This is somewhat dependant upon the part you pick. robotman
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    Xilinx EDK 3.2 and ISE 6.1

    I was told that EDK 3.3 (or 3.4) was coming out at the end of the month. It is suppose to work with 6.1 robotman
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    Fast Big Memory- Camera - Help Needed For Design

    I have been working on something similar. I want to get to the data too, but I have the intention of multiplexing multiple image sensors over one link. What I would do is to develop a SDRAM (DDR preferably) controller using a small FPGA. To help increase then bandwidth to the SDRAM, use burst...
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    Bi-phase mark data & clock recovery in FPGA

    biphase mark Just a note of warning..... I have done some VCXO/DLL designs in the past. The DLL's are very sensitive to jitter and frequency change. I have even had instances where the DLL just won't recover with a reset, it requires powering down the device. This is not very good...
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    Bi-phase mark data & clock recovery in FPGA

    dpll recovers the clock A couple of things come to mind. Most circuits that I have seen that perform this function use a much higher frequency to oversample the input and make decisions. This allows for better jitter control. A digital filter can be used to estimate the adjustments to the...
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    Bi-phase mark data & clock recovery in FPGA

    vcxo fpga What is your control mechanism for the external vcxo? Integrator? DAC? other? What is the clock rate of the data? Is is the same as the vcxo? Can you attach a partial schematic? robotman
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    Looking for manufacturer of I2C or SPI LCD

    i2c lcd Serial LCD displays.... hxxp://www.seetron.com/
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    NTSC/PAL Encoder's register spec or the theory of the encode

    Re: NTSC/PAL Encoder's register spec or the theory of the en There is a NTSC encoder on the opencores page... There might be some documentation there. robotman

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