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Recent content by Robert Qi

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    Anyone knows what kind of transistor is it?

    It should be a HV NMOS. The small rectangular of the symbol just shows the nonsymmetry characteritic of the HV NMOS.
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    help: perl command line, especially what does '%1.txt' mean

    Re: help: perl command line :| oop, no one gives help, but fortunately I get the answer by myself.:D
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    help: perl command line, especially what does '%1.txt' mean

    help: perl command line Hi, Anyone can explain the below perl command line? . c:\>perl -p -i[bak] -e "s/mybook/book/;" %1.txt Especially, what does '%1.txt' mean? Thanks in advance Robert
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    CMOS Image Sensor EMC Problem---need ur help

    emc cmos Dear All, Our Sensors encounter many EMC problems at the customer end. For example, we can be sure of the correctness of the chip output sync signal, data, and clock. But our customers do the PCB design themselves when incorporating our sensors into their systems. Many times they...
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    How to deal with noise on mixed Signal IC design

    Dear All, How to prevent digital swithcing noise from disturbing analog circuits? Should I use Deep N-well to envelop all digital circuits as someone's advice? Or envelop all analog circuits? any other methods to deal with the noise between digital and analog? Thanks in advance Robert
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    how to pause a hspice simulation?

    Dear All, I browsed Hspice manual for .save and .load commands, and tried them. But the commands can only let the simulation skip OP calculation step. Simulation starts from the zero time point again. But I expect it start from the break point. Anyone can tell the details? Thanks Robert
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    how to pause a hspice simulation?

    hspice pause Dear All, Anyone knows how to pause a hspice simulation? Also, I sometimes need pause a simultion, shut down the machine, restart the machine several hours later, then go on the paused simulation from the break point. Is it possible? Thanks Robert
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    current sense (transimpedance, IVC) OpAmp

    current sense op amp It doesn't work, I think! Because the operational point of the opamp is not correct. Vp>Vn, so vout=5 always!
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    1.2v power supply bandgap

    Thanks very much, DenisMark.
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    1.2v power supply bandgap

    Dear All, Can I get a bandgap voltage reference with 1.2V power supply 0.13um process ? Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks Robert
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    questions on bandgap, please help me.

    thanks all of you, I will change the whole circuit to operate with 1.136v reference
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    questions on bandgap, please help me.

    I have a band gap, which is implemented with TSMC018 Process 5x5 pnp transistors. With the circuit I get 1.265v bandgap output. But when I shift it to Tower018 Process, I can only get 1.136v output. I test the Vbe temperature coefficient, and find that the coefficient is smaller than TSMC pnp5x5...
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    CMOS kp and kn for 0.18um technology

    0.18um cmos technology parameters vt you are right. some book marks kp'=U*Cox, and Kp=U*Cox*W/L. I means Kp is β here.
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    CMOS kp and kn for 0.18um technology

    cmos 0.18um cox BSIM3V3 model parameter U0 means mobility of Temp=Tnom. so, when Temp=Tnom Kp=U0p*Cox*W/L Kn=U0n*Cox*W/L
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    how about gray's analog ic book?

    Allen's book is also very good for cmos ic design engineer.

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