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Recent content by road_0506

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    Which Linux OS is best for my Dell laptop?

    hello! wanna know which linux OS is best for my dell laptop. thanks
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    What EDA tools work on Ubuntu?

    Re: Ubuntu try to google search
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    What are the methods for laying out differential pair/node in high speed application?

    Re: differntial pair try to route the diff pairs with same metal and as closed as possbile. put dummy path/metal bet the pairs.
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    Why do we use floating wells instead of connecting them to the power supply?

    in layout designing, why do we use floating wells instead of connecting them to the power supply?
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    Some questions about ESD

    the power connection will be tied at chip level...
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    Why do we always use P-sub instead of N-sub?

    Hello! Why do we always use P-sub instead of N-sub? What are its pros and cons? Any idea would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. regards.
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    Cadence, how connect this gate

    make P+ to N+ distance equal to zero...
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    thermal shutdown in ic desgn

    the principle goes like this.. a fixed reference base voltage (lower than Vbe) is applied in an off-state NPN transistor (biased by the resistor). when temp rises, transistor Vbe goes down, thereby, triggering the transistor when it reached a Vbe lower than the reference voltage.. when the...
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    Cadence, how connect this gate

    try to remove contacts and cut metal in the guard ring... thereby allowing u to use first metal for wiring...
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    What's better: one big capacitor or series of smaller ones of the same value?

    Re: capacitor comparison thank you guys for the brilliant ideas... i appreciate it.. regards...
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    what is it ment by pCell??? thanks,

    Hello.. pcell means parameterized cell..
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    What kind of memory is the cache in pentium processors?

    Re: Pentium cache memory static - larger, faster, and more expensive dynamic - smaller but slower because it needs to be refreshed by the processor at a given rate.. both are volatile... For more info, visit www.howstuffworks.com regards....
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    who can tell me the principle of pll

    yeah, i need it, too... pls upload any block diagram with matching explanation of it... thanks in advance. regards...

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