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    need help for changing BPSK to QPSK in BER Zero-Forcing eq.

    Re: need help for changing BPSK to QPSK in BER Zero-Forcing did you get the code, I badly need them and for mmse also. Plz help.. reply asap
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    zero forcing equalizer

    I want to plot the scatter plot of a QPSK modulation signal passing through a AWGN channel then, is equalized using a zero forcing equalizer. Can you help or give me helpful links! Note I already have an idea of BER of QPSK signal through zf equalizer; I want scatter plot
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    z transform in matlab

    Can you please tell me what do these lines mean? 1) w = linspace(0.1,100,200); 2)H = 2500*(10+j*w)./(j*w.*(2+j*w).*(2500+j*w*30+(j*w).^2)); 3)plot(w,unwrap(angle(H))*180/pi); I am a beginner in matlab
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    linear equalizer matlab

    Hello I want to implement an equalizar for a rf channels. I am a beginner in matlab, could you please help me for some codes. Some plots could be interesting. Can we use a format like that format y[n]=x[n]-a1*x[n-1]-a2*x[n-2]-a3*x[n-3]
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    Log normal shadowing matlab

    Im a beginner in matlab. Could you help me eith some matlab codes
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    matlab for antenna design

    Ask Mr jagar
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    Log normal shadowing matlab

    Hello, I want to simulate the plot log normal shadowing on matlab. Can you give me some good codes, please? Thank you in advance

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