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Recent content by rishabkailas

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    how to fix iexplore home page site change automatically

    I too exploited by the problem. Actually it was a trojan. I installed the nor ton anti wirus and it quarantined all the infected files. This trojan started applications like EXPLORE.EXE(normal windows part is EXPLORER )exploreer.exe,time.exe,win32.exe.......etc. So try to scan with the...
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    Looking for PCAD release 14 library

    Re: PCAD Release 14 library Export using PDIF export and import.That will help saving time in creating patterns and symbols. rishab
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    convert ORCAD to p-cad

    orcad pcad you can use the ORCAD capture for net list.It works well with PCAD. For converting pcb use some rpofessional translators. Orcad needs original PDIF file to convert form orcad to PCAD. rishab
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    How to open file that has PCB extension

    how to open pcb files PCAD also uses the *.pcb extension for pcb. tyr to open with wordpad like editor.may you get some hint rishab
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    PCAD PDIF file to allegropcb conversion.

    Hai all I want to translate PCAD file to Allegro. When using the PSD 14.2 translator there is the need to map PDIF layers to allegro subclasses. where can I find PDIF layers and corresponding allegro subclasses mapping details or document. rishab
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    Whats the use of Allegro Skill language?

    allegro skill what is the use of allegro skill language. Then what are these skripts in allegro. Can some some one explain please.... rishab
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    Best way to be a specialist in Specctra?

    specctra do file examples Do your self some complicated bords.Set diffrent rules and constraints. experience counts. rishab
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    DA can't run! (En2002)

    Reinstall the program. Allow automatic installation. do not do any cusom modification.(uninstall old one first )
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    DA can't run! (En2002)

    Try these. set up license. check whether Nutservice,xvsion server running check vision services running. make sure these are running. even not working, PM to me rishab
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    DA can't run! (En2002)

    You should have xserver and Nutc running on your machine for running mentor product in win2000. you can stop running the xserver and nutc serivce from startup. just .remove these from starup(control panel---/services). Whenver you want to use en2002 enable these all manually. rishab
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    Program for converting the gerber files to PowerPCB files?

    Re: gerber to pcb If you want any of layer as a reference for routing . you can convert ther gerbr in to dxf using"GerbTool" and can import as dxf. rishab
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    How can i place a jumber in OrCAD (single layer board) ?

    There is a template for boards using jubers. Try that. You can route on top layer where you want to place the jumbers. Try to keep the via pads bigger so that you can solder at best. keep the juber length same rishab
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    Please rate the following tools

    expedition and allegro Hai I wan to rate this tools. and how you say one isa higher end tool ORCAD, PROTEL,PCAD2002, ALLEGRO, BOARDSTATION & CADSTAR RISHAB
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    [Qestion] How do setting environment variable of EN2002

    Hello Is it necessary to set this variables if You install EN2002 as a stand alone version and not as a client(server)? rishab
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    how to use PCAD pcb file as library file

    Thanks for the reply. But I changed some land pattern pads in the design and not in library. so I wanted the new libs with the change made in the pcb file. This archive command only copies components from the libray form where the net list is loaded and not from the board. rishab

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