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Recent content by rimser9

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    Need solution to question about delayed signals

    Hi, Can some one answer this please..
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    Looking for info about characteristics of digital cells

    Characterization Can anyone provide info on how to run characterization using makelib. atleast for one cell (inverter)
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    File with 30 examples of PLC

    EXEMPLES PLC Thanks man
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    How to use Programable Logic Controller?

    plc help Hello guys, I dont know if this is the place but... i need one small help regarding PLC programming with step7 software...... 1) basic programming from where we have to start... 2) basic structure of writting a code..
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    How to access the layout window from the skill program and perform operation?

    How to learn skill please leaborate on what you intend to write
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    pass the commands from VC++ program to the command window i

    date and time in skill language First open the sklanuser.pdf and go through "I/O and File Handling". This deals with opening, closing files, writing to files etc. After this start writing the code for opening a spice file and storing usefule info like Model, width, fingers, length, Transistor...
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    Packaging terms: Single PADs, Double PADs, DA PADs

    Please explain the following terms related to Packaging. Single PADs, Double PADs, DA PADs... Thanks & Regards,
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    Run PDRACULA program in TCL/TK

    #!/usr/local/bin/wish -f # execlog - run a UNIX program and log the output # Set window title wm title . ExecLog # Create a frame for buttons and entry. frame .top -borderwidth 10 pack .top -side top -fill x # Create the command buttons. button .top.quit -text Quit -command exit set but [button...
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    Run PDRACULA program in TCL/TK

    yes man u can see the o/p. If u have the tcl/tk pdf. or the book in it u will find code of execlog which shows the o/p of the run. If u cant find it try fileevent command. I will try to post the code later.
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    Trapping charge in EM Wave

    acheter emwave usager We have seen Laser Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC) which creates a laser guided electric barrier (not for any weapon usage), similarly can we use EM wave to create EMW guided electric barrier (much like lightning). I mean trapping electric charge (enough to cause any damage)...
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    which book is good for info on Fanout, drivers, Victim/agr..

    which book is good for info on Fanout (wire loading, delay modeling, Fanout threshold,) drivers, Victim / Aggressor(Dominant aggressor, aggressor / driver, P:N widths) Wire Capacitance(Model Capacitors ) , Keeper Circuits, Power P Chains, Interconnect, etc.., in a single book.
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    How to create a string using a variable with SKILL coding?

    Cadence SKILL coding pcExprToString(variable). Open sklangref pdf and go through all the functions in the section "SKILL Language Functions". Its good for u if u can do this.
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    How to convert ("tc_tx<10>") to tc_tx<10> in SKILL ?

    SKILL CODING car is for accessing first element of alist. If u want to access any other element we have to use "nth". JUst go through the pdf for more info on "nth"
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    How to convert ("tc_tx<10>") to tc_tx<10> in SKILL ?

    SKILL CODING As far as I understood the string is in list. To get the string u can use two commands "nth" or car. ->nth(0 list) ->car(list).

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