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Recent content by rickyjar

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    Automatic safe 15A rectifier

    User “Kaeltaz” presents his construction of an automatic rectifier with a regulation 0-15A. It is automatic because after charging a battery up to 14.4V, it turns off on its own. When voltage drops below 13.8V, it turns on. The rectifier turns on from circa 6V on crocodile clips. It is safe...
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    Diesel Webasto controller. For winter.

    User owner1 presents a project of his own controller for almost every Webasto. The controller is based on the AtmelMega 32 microcontroller. Its task is to control this whole thing, more precisely to read data from two sensors: water temperature (Tw) and fumes temperature, to control the...
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    Modification of power supply in a cheap driver

    User “pier” describes a modification of his Ferm driver. The battery and charger are a total misunderstanding. The battery (14.4V) has supposedly the capacity of 1.2Ah but it cannot even be 0.6Ah, and there is no control over charging, if it comes to charging, so there was a need to do...
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    Controller of a unipolar stepper motor

    After modernizing, user Gizmoń’s plotter or even three-axial driller-milling machine controlled numerically, the stepper motor of the Y-axis started to behave like it had lost steps. It was caused by an insufficient braking torque of the motor - stressed accumulated during the movement were...
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    Self-made Mini USBasp

    User “zimzia” presents his first project from the unthreaded SMD elements. This a USBasp programmer (main webpage of the programmer fischl.de - USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers ). The programmer was assembled in the small casing of a SD card reader. LED diodes were replaced...
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    Aquamat – an aquarium controller Open Source

    Aquamat – a, aquarium controller Open Source User “musashimm” presents his project of an aquarium controller. The project of the Open was created with free software or free software versions. Controller’s functinality * a Real Time clock o week days suport o battery supply * Outputs o 16...
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    Mini scale module - MODBUS and 4-20mA

    User markosik20 found an interesting microcontroller and made this device. The name Mini measuring Module came from the fact that the device can measure signals of bridge sensors (here from a tensometric sensor) in the range from several uV to 2.5V. The heart of the module is a Silab'a...
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    LED imagestter for a PCB

    User “reddwarf” made a LED imagestter for a PCB. The casing adapted from an old printer HP Photosmart C3180 The transformer adapted from an old TV LED: 6x1W UV Timer: Omron H3CR-A Time needed to exposure 5~6 minutes. Link to original thread - LED naświetlarka do PCB
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    Automatic aquarium feeder

    User “jajen” presents an automatic aquarium feeder. You can buy feeders based on the principle of a revolving drum but they are only useful in the case of pellets. In the case of flakes, they become useless. A DC motor with a transmission was assembled in this feeder. The casing was glued out...
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    A simple soldering station

    User elektryku5 presents his project of a soldering station with a very simple construction. Recycled parts were used, only a soldering iron with a thermocouple had to be bought. The casing and transformer was obtained from an old CB power supply (it was hopeless, it had rather a small heat...
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    Luminous decoration for home

    User Sławek61 made a luminous decoration for any room. The whole thing is made of an acid-proof structural steel sheet (orange peel), Plexiglas and natural cork. The leaves were cut with a manual guillotine, then polished, grooves were cut with a Dremel device and then polished. The bottom was...
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    SAM tractor with a Fiat 126p engine

    User “tajpansl” make a SAM tractor and has been using it for 5 years as of now. The tractor performs really well although it is utilized intensely. The construction is based on a Fiata 126p 600 cm engine: Some photos: Link to original thread - Traktorek SAM napęd silnik Fiat 126p
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    Tester of electronic elements for Atmega8

    User “stayout” made a very useful toy – a tester of electronic elements. The project was being carried out on the basis of Link and **broken link removed** Thanks to high quality elements, accurate and repeatable readings were obtained. Construction time: 4h Expenses: Atmega8, display, other...
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    Self-made Segway prototype

    User owner1 presents his segway prototype in a smaller scale. The project is based on the electronics from the website zzaag-Projekt with the software modified to own needs. The wheels were adapted from a baby carriage, a 1:4 transmission from a Chinese Bosch adequately modified and...
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    A USB adapter on RS232/TTL/I2C

    User “Kabelek” presents his USB adapter on RS232, RS232 with the levels TTL, I2C and 3-Wire with an automatic signalization of conditions on pins. The construction is not advanced but practical. The main circuit is FT232RL that converts USB signals into RS232 with the levels TTL. Next, the RS...

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