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    Water leak detector circuit using water conductivity principle

    Thank you for your replies! Brad I think a capacitance sensor is overkill for my needs. This sensor should never see liquid in its life and is only expected to go off if disaster happens, so corrosion is not a factor. It will not see cyclic duty in wet environments like.. say for example.. a...
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    Water leak detector circuit using water conductivity principle

    Hello! I am an idiot when it comes to analog circuit design. So, I have a sealed electronic enclosure that will be going underwater. I am designing a circuit board to do some stuff and communicate with a topside computer. I figured, well if I'm designing the circuit board, why not add a simple...
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    Directly soldered wire to board connection strategies for volume production

    Hello! We are working on a product that has some wires directly soldered to a PCB. These are internal wires that never move and we have decided that we can save costs by omitting connectors. I was wondering if there are any best practices on this. At this point I'm aware of only two ways of...

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