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Recent content by Realy

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    gui for embedded designeer

    Hi,guys!Maybe the UCGUI is suitable for you!
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    free rtos stm32f103 keil

    Hi,i'm Reilly.It's likely to your pointer erot or datatype is error,you can simulat step by step ,for example:Stlink or Jlink .
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    [MOVED] I want to join in a electronic group,where?

    Hi,Everyone! Where there is a group of can join,please tell me,thanks ...:-|
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    switching to arm microcontroller

    yeah,you can learn the STM32 for your ARM switch,because it have more source such learning example,develoment board and soon。 but you can also select the NXP,it's similar with the ST.
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    [ARM] STM32F0 Discovery ADC problem

    Now ,I will give you some code.i wish it can help to you!! #include"ADC.h" /* Private typedef -----------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Private define ------------------------------------------------------------*/ #define ADC1_DR_Address 0x40012440...
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    [SOLVED] I2C-Hardware problem

    Hi,for debug the iic,i use to catch the IIC wave by logic analyze,you can view the IIC speed ,it must less than 400khz.... Regards Sundar!!
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    [SOLVED] microcontroller with buil-in ethernet and 4 serial ports

    you can use STM32 or NXP 32-BIT MICROCONTROLLER ,it's have more than five UART...
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    Communication between 3.3V USART system with a 1.8V USART system

    i think that sometimes The GSM module is compatible with 3.3V,so you can try do it ....
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    problem with max485 half duplex multi transmitter

    when you change the RE&DE,you must delay about 1ms,and weather is your microcontroller have the address detection function or not?...this is your software.others,you must sure your hardware is correct.....
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    Atmega32 <--> MRF49XA

    i search in google,but whihout this.
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    [ARM] STM32, FatFS and NandFlash ?

    oK,this is the code,but the note is chinese.if you some question,we can chat with you..
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    I2C problem on STM32 (can't generate a start)

    i see your question.i'm a china engineer,We often use simulation of the iic,because it's not stable for STM32.so ......
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    [ARM] STM32, FatFS and NandFlash ?

    which chip do you use ? i have some example with STM32f407,it have fatfs and nandflash ,but if you often write and read,it wile have a little bug.so you must buy a good system.
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    How to write a CCS code for ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04

    I'm from in china, I focus on the parking lot,so i use the ultrasonic sensor.First you must transfer eight the square wave,then the HR04 will transfer a square wave for indicate the distance.so after you transfer eight square wave and "while(!input(ECHO))" ,you must clear the timer value and...
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    [ARM] How to start the PLL on LPC1343 PLL

    can you not simulation ?you can use the jlink or ulink to view the register value....

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