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Recent content by rami.masadeh

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    Need the complete software for the pathloss V4

    PathLoss V4 Is there any one who can give me the complete software for the pathloss V4 for the MW design
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    What is the capacity of VC-3;VC-4,VC-12 in terms of the STM-1?

    what is the capacity of each VC-3;VC-4,VC-12 in tearms of the STM-1?
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    How can I display hidden files in Windows XP??????

    just update your unti virus and scan your pc every thing will be ok
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    How can I make network configuration in my zone?

    Re: NETWORKS CONFIGURATION your question is not clear, but if you are talking about MW network, you can use ring,star, tree configuration and every topology has it used
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    How to hide my PC from network administrator

    how to hide my pc from network personal firewall and cancel all the shared folders, by this you ll be secured
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    A question about microwave ovens

    it must has a reflectors as a protection, Added after 2 minutes: it must has a reflectors as a protection,
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    power transmission lines and its effect on the MW tX

    Gent: There is one operator planning to install MW link on the same tower of the High voltage power lines, our ferquency for the MW is 6Ghz---38Ghz, and the voltage value on the lines 10Kv---43Kv, is there any effect on on our MW link if it is installed over these transmission lines???????
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    clock synchronization (very urgent help)

    i know this , but i need to know the way who this clock works? thank you for your reply
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    clock synchronization (very urgent help)

    how can the clock in the microwave system make the synchronization for the other equipment in the network??????????
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    ouptut power of a mobile phone ?

    For the mobile phone it is between 0.5W to 2 W but for the base transceiver station it depent on the design so it varys between 60w to 100W in spicial cases
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    The differences between CDMA, FDMA and TDMA

    Re: hi cdma fdma tdma CDMA is the best technology for mobile telecommunication, it gives you higher bandwidth, but the modulation and and demodulation is more compicated. BR
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    Is a Switch acts as a repeater

    yes the switch can work as repeater, but you have to take in consideration the delay switch time.
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    How can I step up dc voltage from 12v to 40v?

    how to step up dc voltage Dear: you an use DC -DC converter, not transformer as the dumpfrog answer you because if u apply DC vltage on transformer the output will be zero volt. BR
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    What is the WIMAX standard?

    WImax what is WIMAX?
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    What does WIFI stand for?

    what is WIFI?

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