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Recent content by rajaselvamj

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    List of high perfomance SDR Dev Kits

    sdr kits You can try Vi Micro SDR Development Kit (ViSDR-01)
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    Looking for some basic programs in AccelDSP

    Can any body have some basic programs in AccelDSP
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    Software for converting C to HDL

    Re: c to HDL I think there are some software for c to HDL converter
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    Need basic info about TMC protocol

    Re: TMC TMC is Test Measurement protocol
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    Books to start learning EDK programming

    I am beginner in EDK programming. Give me some hints to study that
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    What is the application of Spartan starter 3 kit?

    Re: Spartan 3 To study the basic in FPGA you can try Spartan 3E starter kit from vi microsystems www.vimicrosystems.com
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    Video Lectures for DSP/VLSI

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    What is the ESR rating?

    Re: What is ESR? Equivalent series resistance is an effective resistance that is used to describe the resistive parts of the impedance
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    Help me understand simulation of antenna using IE3D

    Re: IE3D https://www.zeland.com/ie3d.htm
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    Need basic info about TMC protocol

    Can anyone tell breif idea about TMC protocol
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    Software for converting C to HDL

    Can any one suggest good software for C to HDL converter
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    Need basic info about GDSII flow

    Can any one have breif idea about GDSII flow
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    How to calculate selectivity of a receiver ?

    Selectivity Can any one give me the idea its urgent
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    How to check if the IC is working before using it in circuit

    IC Working Can anybody suggest that how to find an IC that whether it is working or not before using in our circuit

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