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    How to convert 48VDC to 15VDC@300mA?

    ether you use LM317 or LM7815 etc, the power on the power on chip is too high ,plse use DC/DC switch, many dc/dc chip can be used, for example: MC 34063 ,is simple and cheap if the current is small (34063 can output 500mA),you can add a transistor to improve current
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    got chip for VGA, but have no datasheet

    Find chip for VGA in a project, i want to use a VGA contorler,is has a ISA interface i find someone use a chip made bye REALTEK bue i can't find datasheet Ple tell me,thank you!
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    Digital oscilloscope Project

    oscilloscope input stage this plan is best one !!! because it has a good solution in analog front-end! and i think the usb is a good choice, but is complex

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