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    How to Create and Access Bit-matrix?

    i want to create a bit-matrix of 4x32 and want to output each row. I tried writing the below code, type STD_LOGIC_MATRIX is array(0 to 3, 31 downto 0) of STD_LOGIC; B0 : out STD_LOGIC(31 downto 0); B1 : out STD_LOGIC(31 downto 0); B2 : out STD_LOGIC(31 downto 0); B3 : out STD_LOGIC(31 downto...
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    Non-loop back Down Counter

    I am designing a down counter whose features a re as follows, It is a 9-bit counter, counting from 24 to 0. After 0, it will not go back to 24, but stalls at 0. There is a 32 bit input called 'A', which when changes sets back the counter to 24, and it again starts counting. I tried to use...

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