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    solution manual for "Video Processing and Communications" -2001 -Prentice Hall?

    solution manual for "Video Processing and Communications" -2001 -Prentice Hall? Does anybody has the solution manual for "Video Processing and Communications" 2001 from Prentice Hall?
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    Matlab for nonlinear programming

    I want some Matlab code for a typical non linear programming ?
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    Non-linear Programming by Bertsekas

    Non-linear Programming I want the "Non-linear Programming" By Bertsekas
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    Looking for books about ill conditioned matrix

    Re: ill conditioned matrix there is also an example of such matrix in adaptive filtering books, in this respect you may recognize the concept of this issue better.
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    Xilinx Spartan, max ratings ?

    I think that this arises from the Input Power limitation of the Device since in CMOS devices the power consumption is due to switching, such large switching with high overshoot, consumes a large power which can not be dissipated
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    Looking for the DVB-S2 standard

    DVB-S2 I want the standard for DVB-S2
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    How can we embed an audio channel in SDI video stream ?

    SDI (embedding audio) How can we embed an audio channel in an SDI video stream ?
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    How to calculate the number of embedded audio channel(SDI)?

    SDI Can anyone help me with SDI standard ? I want to know how to calculate the number of embedded audio channel in it
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    Solution manual for Elements of Information Theory

    Information Theory I need the solution manual of "Elements of Information Theroy"
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    MPEG Stream to File Converter

    Hi, I need a software that should accept MPEG-2 transport stream as input and convert it to a video file such as avi , etc. Can anyone help me ?
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    what will happen if base area(BJT) is large?

    I think there is no tough rules that base must be small. Base in comparision with emitter is smaller and has less doping. The only thing that are important (i give you an example of pnp transistor ) is that the lengh of emitter must be longer than the lengh that are needed to combine electrons...
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    What would be the easiest DSP to start with?

    Re: beginer in dsp's I suggest you DSP of Alan V.Oppenheim
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    i need a c++ program for neural network

    I suggest you to take a glance at the paper of "neural network Classifier" which is written by Hossein Khosravi in www.codeproject.com in MFC/C++ Part.
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    Question about measuring potential between three measure points

    Re: please help It strongly depends on your circuit for example in some circuit like the ones with diodes if you put your probe inversly you with get another voltage so it depends on your linearity and non-linerity of your circuit if you put a figure of your circuit here i will tell you the...
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    What is fuzzy logic and how does it differ from ordinary logic?

    Re: What is fuzzy logic? i suggest you to take a glance at the begining of many fuzzy logic ebooks uploaded there like" Fuzzy Logic for Embedded Systems Applications" do search at eda ebook you will find more

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